Regional Expressions in Vitrified Clay
January 19 – February 14, 2010

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Featured Artists

Cameron Crawford [California State University – Chico]
    Just Add Water [2009] ceramic, H: 12 inches
    Side Line [2009] ceramic, H: 19 inches
    Worth a Try [2009] ceramic, H: 15 inches

Ovidio Giberga [University of Texas – San Antonio]
    Reclining Male as Flower Brick [2008] terracotta, terr sigillata, gold luster, H: 8 inches
    Seated Male Vessel with Sand and Gilded Forms
[2009] terracotta, terra sigillata, underglaze, composite leaf, H: 13 inches
    Male Figure Balancing Biomorphic Vessel Form [2009] terracotta, porcelain, terr sigillata, H: 11 inches

Jamie Walker [Univeristy of Washington – Seattle]
    Bay [2008] stoneware, wash, H: 13 inches
    Perchance [2008] stoneware, slip, glaze, H: 15 inches

Exhibiton Checklist

Esteban Apodaca [Angelo State University]
    With Every Beat of His Heart [2009] clay, H 2.5 inches

Susan Budge [San Antonio College]
    Blink [2009] cone 6 stoneware, H: 7.5 inches

Vincent Burke [University of Texas – El Paso]
    Untitled [2006] ceramics, paint, wood, H: 30 inches

Michel Conroy [Texas State University]
    Tiered Bowl [??] porcelain, constructed from thrown parts

Piero Fenci [Stephen F. Austin University]
    Etruscan Pouring Vessel [2009] earthenware, H: 22 inches

Whitney Forsyth [University of Tulsa]
    Seeded Necklace [2008] ceramic, oil patina, H: 6 inches

Juan Granados [Texas Tech University]
    Familia [2008] stoneware ceramic, glaze, image transfer, H: 22 inches

Steve Hilton [Midwestern State University – Wichita Falls]
    Conversations Over Tea [2009] stoneware with stain, H: dimensions variable

Amanda Jaffe [New Mexico State University – Las Cruces]
    Floating Leaves [2009] cone 5 porcelain, H: 2.5 inches

Janet Kastner [University of Texas – Austin]
    Joan's Pillow [2000] porcelain, H: 10 inches

Louis Katz [Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi]
    Untitled [2009] soda fired slate, stoneware, and steel, H: 17 inches

Paul McCoy [Baylor University]
    Summer Lichen Urn [2008] salt-fired stoneware, H: 18.25 inches

Greg Reuter [Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi]
    Guardian (2006) stoneware, H: 7 inches

Jim Bob Salazar [Sul Ross State University]
    Dotted Vessel [2009] high-fired stoneware, H: 9 inches

Von Venhuizen [Texas Tech University]
    Daddy's Shooter [2008] slipcast soda fired porcelain, steel, H: 18 inches

James Watkins [Texas Tech University]
    Double-walled Basket [2009] saggar fired clay, H: 16 inches

Nicolas Wood [University of Texas – Arlington]
    Exterior #11 (shift) [2008] terracotta with glazes, H: 12 inches