Texas Tech University :: School Of Art

Virginia Saunders :: Visions & Dreams
March 12 – April 15, 2012

Virginia Saunders received her MFA in printmaking and drawing at the University of South Carolina. Her body of work Visions and Dreams is a compiled series from her travels to Europe and China. With the assistance from specialized software, Saunders has composed multiple photographs and delicately edited and layered the images. Even though Saunders has explored the field of photography she feels that the camera is only an assisted tool that helps her record the visual material. She does not consider herself a photographer, but rather a forager searching and capturing pieces of the physical world that inspires her. Saunders further studies her collection in her studio and combines various elements to form images that provide overall extended meanings. According to Saunders, “she recently has directed her attention towards concentration on private imagery, which is a strong personal aesthetic and technical expertise for her.”

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