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Faculty and Staff Achievements, July – September 2008


CHRISTIE BLIZARD, assistant professor of painting and drawing, WILLIAM CANNINGS, associate professor of sculpture, and MARK BOND, technical assistant for the 3D Art areas, were selected into the Biennial Southwest 08 presented at the Albuquerque Museum of Art, NM, in September through November. The exhibition presents the best in contemporary art from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Exhibition website.

CHRISTIE BLIZARD, assistant professor of painting and drawing, has been selected into the Group Exhibitions for the Texas Biennial 2009, schedule for spring 2009 in Austin.

RICK DINGUS, professor of photography, has An Evolving Retrospective exhibition online at LuminousLint. One of his photographs was recently acquired by the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. His work is included in Red Desert, Green Prairie, Blue Sky: Images from the American Plains, an exhibition which is currently touring the USA through 2009. He is currently curating various exhibitions from the Millennial Collection of the Southwest Collection for exhibition at the Underwood Center for the Arts this fall, at the School of Art in January 2009 and the Buddy Holly Center later in spring 2009.

ROBIN GERMANY, associate professor of photography, in currently included in Field of Color: Seven Contemporary Artists at the Art Museum of South Texas (through January 2009). The exhibitions features work by seven artists in different regions of the state whose work expands the viewer’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary art.


CONNIE LAMP, department business manager, was announced as a TOP TECHSAN AWARD recipient by the Alumni Association in September.