Texas Tech University :: School Of Art

School of Art to Celebrate 40th Anniversary
By Terry Morrow, Professor of Art

On Saturday, September 15, 2007, the School of Art at Texas Tech University will celebrate its 40th anniversary.  The festivities promise to be a special commemoration of the life and times of the Art program, and all School of Art Alumni, former and current Faculty, and friends are invited to attend.  Save the date and join us.

The First 40 Years
In September 1967 two areas of study merged to form the Department of Art:  Allied Arts from the Department of Architecture and Applied Arts from the College of Home Economics.  In the beginning offices and classes were housed in both the Architecture Department and the “memorable” army barracks, then in several locations across campus.  In 1970 the Department moved into the new Art Building, with shared space in the Architecture building.  The Department became a member of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1967 where it remained for thirty-five years, later changing from Department of Art to School of Art, (SoA).  In 2002 the School joined with the Department of Theatre and Dance and the School of Music to form the new College of Visual and Performing Arts, (CVPA).

The Anniversary Celebration
The evening begins at 6:00 p.m. with the recognition ceremony in the Auditorium of the English Building (Lecture Hall 001), immediately northeast of the Art Building.  The festivities continue with a reception in the foyer of the Art Building, accompanied by both the Annual Faculty Exhibition and the MFA Student Exhibition.  In addition, tours of the new 3-D Studio Art Annex Building will be provided.

Honorees and Distinguished Guests
Dr. Bill Lockhart, first Chairperson of the Department of Art, will be the special guest of honor at the celebration, recognizing his singular legacy to the School of Art.  Dr. Lockhart, former Chair of the Applied Arts program, was primarily responsible for the formation of the new Department and served as Chairperson for nine years, from 1967 until 1976.  In addition, the six succeeding Chairs and Directors will be recognized for their service to the Department/School of Art:  James Broderick, Gary Edson, Terry Morrow, Melody Weiler, Don Wink, and Tina Fuentes.  Art Faculty Emeriti in attendance will also be recognized, and special recognition will be given to many of the friends who have supported the School through the years.

Looking Forward
The 40th Anniversary serves to honor the past, but it will also mark the beginning of a new era.  Mr. Todd DeVriese, new Director of the School of Art, and Dr. Carol Edwards, new Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts, will be introduced at the celebration.  In addition, members of the new SOA Art Alumni Association will be presented, as well as members of the Medici Circle - Supporters of the School of Art.  We hope that each of you can be with us for this special evening, sharing memories and experiences, and joining with us to envision the next forty years!