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Medici Circle Selects New Officers & Plans Events for 2007-08

The Medici Circle – Supporters of the School of Art, art lovers from the Lubbock community joined faculty and staff during Fall 2006 to increase awareness of SOA as well as to raise funds to support student scholarships.  During Spring 2007, the Medici Circle kicked-off a membership drive during ShinoFest 2, an exhibition of Shino glazed ceramics SOA students and faculty. 

Presented as an awareness builder and “friends-raiser” on March 2, members of the Board recruited interest in scholarships for SOA.  Ken Dixon, artist, professor emeritus and founding president of the Medici Circle, is optimistic about the prospects of gathering local support for art student scholarships. “All funds collected from the membership drive and other fundraisers will be earmarked for art student scholarships – a different strategy than the typical in which funds raised support operations.”

The Medici Circle has some exciting activities already scheduled for the 2007-2008 academic year.  Early in the semester, in collaboration with artist and singer-song writer and TTU alumnus, Ken Little (1970 BFA Painting), the Medici Circle will present An Evening with Ken Little, all of the proceeds from which will go to create a new scholarship endowment to provide art student scholarships.

Also in the works is our very own first 5 x 7 Art, Food & Wine Indulgence in April 2008.  Chris Taylor, next year’s President and chair of the 5 x 7 event, is spear-heading the fundraiser which will collect several hundred 5” x 7” artwork donations, each to be sold at a flat price regardless of who the artist is.  Says Taylor, “5 x 7 events at other art institutions around the state and nation have garnered as much as $20,000 to $30,000 from a single festive evening of enthusiastic art collecting.  To make the evening in Lubbock particularly memorable Taylor, who is currently a doctoral student and instructor at Tech’s Hospitality School is organizing a gourmet food and wine tasting event to drive the evening activities.

New Officers were elected at the last meeting of the academic year in April.  They are as follows:

Chris Taylor
Carley Whited
Ken Dixon
Nola Richards
Jon Ann Carter
Executive Committee Member At Large

The Medici Circle also welcomed three new board members to the group:  Mona Bromley, Elisabeth Burrows and Lori Waters.