School of Art Faculty

Kevin Chua, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Art HIstory – 18th and 19th-century European Art, Contemporary Asian Art and Associate Director. [University of California at Berkeley] kevin.chua
Constance Cortez, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Art History - Colonial Art of Mexico, 19th and 20th century Mexican Art, Contemporary Latino/a Art, Post-Colonial Studies and Memory. [University of California at Los Angeles] c.cortez
Janis Elliott, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Art History – Late Medieval-Early Renaissance Italy; Gothic art and architecture; Late Medieval kingship/ queenship; female patronage. [University of Warwick (UK)] anis.elliott
Jorgelina Orfila,
Associate Professor in Art History – 20th - 21st Century Art. [University of Maryland, College Park] jorgelina.orfila
Brian Steele, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Art History and Associate Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts - Renaissance & Baroque; Venetian School. [University of Iowa] brian.steele
Carolyn Tate, Ph.D. Professor in Art History - Olmec and Maya art and city planning; the role of sculptural narrative in the development of Mesoamerican writing systems; Native American art; gender and identity in Pre-Columian society. [University of Texas at Austin] carolyn.tate
Phoebe Lloyd, Ph.D. In memoriam.

Jarred Elrod (MFA) Assistant Professor in Art. [University of Tennessee, Knoxville] jarred.elrod
Dirk Fowler (BFA) Associate Professor in Art. [West Texas State University] dirk.fowler
Francisco Ortega, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Art. [Texas Tech University] francisco.ortega
Dennis Schmickle (MFA) Assistant Professor in Art. [University of Nebraska, Lincoln] dennis.schmickle
Carla Tedeschi (MFA) Associate Professor + Program Coordinator of Communication Design. [Rochester Institute of Technology] carla.tedeschi

Heather Warren-Crow, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Arts, in the College of Visual & Performing Arts. [University of California at Berkeley] heather.warren-crow
Cody Arnall (MFA) Assistant Professor in Sculpture. [Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA]  
William Cannings (MFA) Associate Professor in Sculpture. [Syracuse University] william.cannings
Rick Dingus (MFA, MA) Professor in Photography. [University of New Mexico] rick.dingus
Stacy Elko (MFA) Associate Professor in Printmaking. [Indiana University] s.elko
Carol Flueckiger (MFA) Associate Professor in Art. [University of New Mexico] c.flueckiger
Ghislaine Fremaux (MFA) Assistant Professor in Art. [Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA] ghi.fremaux
Tina Fuentes (MFA) Professor in Painting. [University of North Texas] tina.fuentes
Robin Germany (MFA) Professor in Photography and Associate Director. [University of North Texas] robin.d.germany
Rob Glover (MFA) Professor in Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing. [Indiana University] r.glover
Jiawei Gong (MFA) Assistant Professor in Digital/Transmedia Arts. [Southern Illinois University, Carbondale] jiawei.gong
Juan Granados (MFA) Professor in Ceramics. [The Ohio State University] juan.granados
David Lindsay (MFA) Associate Professor in Art. [Indiana University of Pennsylvania] david.lindsay
Andrew Martin (MFA) Professor in Drawing and Painting, and Associate Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts. [University of California, Los Angeles] andrew.martin
Terry Morrow (MS) Professor in Drawing and Printmaking. [Indiana University] terry.morrow
Nancy Slagle (MFA) Associate Professor in Studio Art and Associate Director. [Indiana University] n.slagle
Lydia Thompson (MFA) Director, School of Art and Professor in Studio Art. [Alfred University] lydia.thompson
Von Venhuizen (MFA) Associate Professor in Ceramics. [Indiana University] von.venhuizen
Don Wink (MFA) Professor in Painting. [Washington] jon.d.wink
Sang-Mi Yoo (MFA) Associate Professor in Art. [The Ohio State University] sang-mi.yoo

Future Akins-Tillett (MFA) Associate Professor in Art. [Texas Tech University] future.akins
Ed Check, Ph.D. Associate Professor in Art. [University of Wisconsin-Madison] ed.check
Gary V. Johnson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Art. [Northern Illinois University, Dekalb] g.johnson
Andrés Peralta, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Art. [University of North Texas, Denton] andres.peralta