Robin GermanyChristie Blizard (MFA)
Assistant Professor in Painting

The ideas of "neti neti" or "not this, not that," a Sanskrit expression for the sacred and Deleuze’s and Guattari’s concept of schizoanalysis resonate in my personal practice. Through sustained experimentation and this process of negation, I intend to evoke slippages in relationships between objects and their context. I am compelled by how things are different and how this difference attempts to point to faults in certain power structures.  I have studied and taught in the tradition of painting and drawing and see much of my work as extending this line of questioning to include how these practices may continue to expand.  I am also interested in the work’s potential to engage in what Alain Badiou calls an “event” that points to a possible relocation of the self.

I embrace the social role of the artist through public interventions and by making work that is either free or sold for donations for local charities and thus extending the work into a larger political and social field. Aesthetically, my work draws from a number of influences including early video games, traditional textile design, and the role of poetry.

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