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Master of Art Education Program

The Master of Art Education (MAE) Program supports practicing teachers with contemporary social theories and strategies that strengthen their classroom, studio practice and research in relation to art and visual culture.

The MAE degree program is composed of a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate hours including:

  • 12 semester hours of art education courses (research core course & 3 others as offered)
  • 12 semester hours of related art courses (i.e., studio, art history, or visual studies)
  • 6 semester hours as a minor (taken inside or outside the School of Art)
  • 6 semester hours of either:
  • thesis(for those planning to pursue a Ph.D. and publication) Art 6000
  • professional report (for those interested in developing a project) Art 6001
  • artistic/studio problem (for those defining artistic problems within or across media) Art 6002

During the fall and spring semesters, classes are offered online and on the main campus in Lubbock, TX. During summer, classes in art education and studio art are offered in Lubbock for Summer 1and in Fredericksburg for Summer 2. Follow the links to see the respective summer programs.


Andrés Peralta
Andrés Peralta (Ph.D.)
Assistant Professor
MAE Coordinator

Future Akins-Tillet
Future Akins-Tillet (MFA)
Associate Professor

Ed Check
Ed Check, Ed.D.
Associate Professor

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

2012 MAE Handbook