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January 15th for Fall with full financial consideration
October 15th for Spring semester

About the Program:
Texas Tech University’s Fine Arts Doctoral Program is a unique interdisciplinary degree administered through the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The specialization in Critical Studies and Artistic Practice recognizes that the arts in the 21st century often involve questions, problems, and topics that are too broad or complex to be addressed adequately by a single discipline. Our program seeks to deal with this complexity by drawing on multiple disciplines in an effort to integrate their insights and develop a more comprehensive understanding. To that end, TTU’s program is not a doctorate in studio, art education, or art history. Instead, students create an individualized combination of coursework within the arts and beyond as relevant to their dissertation projects.

The degree requires a minimum of 60 hours beyond a (30-hour) master's. This includes 12 hours of dissertation research and writing. All students must take a 15-hour Fine Arts Core that provides interdisciplinary research methods and historical approaches to the arts, as well as a consideration of contemporary issues that confront the Visual Arts, Music, and Theater. Beyond these required courses, focused coursework is available in art history, art education, arts administration, critical studies, popular culture, arts and technology, philosophical aesthetics, transmedia, and with permission of the instructor, studio arts. Furthermore, students may take advantage of the broad range of offerings available in Texas Tech’s other graduate programs, such as Anthropology, Literature, Museum Law, Museum Studies, Music, Theater, Architecture, Landscape, and Business Administration, as they work toward integrating insights from various disciplines in the creation of interdisciplinary dissertation projects. The curriculum is designed to accommodate students’ interdisciplinary interests and to prepare them to engage critically and imaginatively with a complex and changing world. To view examples of interdisciplinary dissertation projects, see Graduates at College of Visual & Performing Arts website.

The School of Art doctoral faculty is composed of two faculty with interdisciplinary degrees, a communication designer, a digital/transmedia artist, seven art historians, and four art educators, all of whom have crossed disciplinary boundaries in research and creative activities.

Entrance Qualifications:

For acceptance into the doctoral program, the applicant must have completed a master’s degree, or its equivalent, with emphasis in some area of the visual arts. Every effort is made to select candidates who show strong scholarship and professional competence. Art doctoral faculty will evaluate each applicant’s professional goals and any evidence of progress toward these goals; a personal interview is recommended. Applicants who have not taken at least 15 hours of art history at the college level, and performed well, may be required to meet the minimum as “leveling” courses, which will not count toward the 60-hour minimum in the doctoral degree plan.

PhD Handbook

Ph.D. Coordinator: Kristi Humphreys, Ph.D.


Kristi Rowan Humphreys, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ph.D Coordinator
Carolyn Tate, Ph.D.
Ed Check, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Kevin Chua, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Constance Cortez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Janis Elliott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Francisco Ortega, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Brian Steele, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Jorgelina Orfila, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Esen Öğüş, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Heather Warren-Crow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Norah Alqabbaa
Allison Black
Greg Delapaix
Jason Derouin
Jeanne Haggard
Yuan-ta Hsu
Kimberly Jones
Lina Kattan
Kathryn Kelley
David Mesplé
Abed Monawar
Katharine Scherff
Jared Stanley
Xiaomiao Wang
Bryan E. Wheeler
Sara Peso White
Siavash Yansori

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