Texas Tech University :: School Of Art

Yasaman Moussavi
Tehran, Iran

My attempt is to discover personal feelings and emotions which l have experienced throughout my life, that is to say, I struggle to discover the subjectivity, whether is personal, but concealed itself from its own source. Therefore I try to explore the covered part of my personal thoughts and feelings. I play with the various notions including covering or concealing objects and figures , I use objects, self-portrait ,figures, still life’s ,veils , and etc these metaphoric objects assist me investigating myself . I am a stranger; not just because I am an immigrant but also because ,I am a stranger from the real places, the ones tangible to eye and touch. Stranger means a person who is looking for a place which goes beyond matter, and finding a peaceful place to be settled . I am looking to freeing my self from myself . This means flying with my soul. By painting , I become an image, now soul and heart find a home.