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MFA :: Photography Emphasis

Students pursuing the MFA in art with an emphasis in Photography are encouraged to investigate a range of classes and media which will inform their photography. In the past, students have pursued photography's relationship with painting, video, sculpture and printmaking. When available, students are given the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in photography and in digital imaging as well as in the Landmark Arts Office and as graduate coordinator of the SRO Photo Gallery, scheduling and contracting artists from around the USA for exhibition at Texas Tech. In their final semesters, grad students are expected to focus on a body of work which will develop into their graduate exhibition and will be researched for their paper and presentation.

Graduate photography students are given studios and darkrooms which are sometimes shared. Graduate Financial Support: Assistantships are available, working with classes, in the lab and in the gallery. The David Dickey Scholarship is available for photography graduate students. Other scholarships are available through the department and the university. Consult the Financial Aid section of the Texas Tech Web site for applications. Information about these scholarships may be obtained through the art office.

In order to be fully successful in our photography program, we require that each student who is a major or minor purchase or have unlimited access to an Apple laptop after completing beginning Photography. The Laptop needs to have the Yosemite operating system with at least 8 gb of memory, and the newest Adobe creative suite. Students will also need a 1 TB portable hard drive for backing up and saving their files.

Robin Germany
Robin Germany (MFA)

Graduate Students
Carolina Arellanos :: Third Year
Amy Kim :: Second Year
Lauren Lopez:: First Year
SRO Photo Gallery
Millennial Collection
Photography Studio Guide & Safety Plan