Charles Koonce :: Third Year

It can no longer be maintained that the properties of any one thing in the universe are independent of the existence or non-existence of everything else.
-Lee Smolin, 1997

    The way things work fascinates me and has since childhood. I would take apart anything from calculators to lawn mowers to explore their inner workings. I find it inspiring that there are numerous components working together that we cannot see with the naked eye. All of these small details and interactions have led me to explore the world of quantum mechanics and specifically the wave theories of quantum mechanics. According to quantum mechanics, all particles are effectively just waves of different intensities and frequencies. Objects, as well as people, are a combination of different waves that affect space, light and sound as it is reflected or absorbed and the air is moved around them; the space is changed. The multiple layers of life from the smallest particle to the largest assemblage of molecules are the focus of my work.

         I see myself as a scientist proving a hypothesis and this becomes evident in the way I think about and create work. I have come to believe that everything is connected through the waves of particles that are moving outward, influencing all other waves, but these connections are usually not visible. My work takes a scientific approach on perception by using kinetic sculptures to mimic natural waveforms. Through these installations I bring wave interactions to a visible level. I examine the relationships between these waveforms and people by making experience based work that allows the viewer to visualize and experience how they affect objects and their environment. Creating a simulation of these waveforms utilizing different mediums such as sound, water and flexible materials gives us a better understanding of how the waveforms of people and objects interact and affect the world around us. Website >>