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26th Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition

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March 23 - April 21, 2013 - Landmark Gallery

Drove to Lubbock from Denton late yesterday afternoon to jury the Undergraduate Student Exhibition at Texas Tech. Passing through wide-open spaces always puts things in perspective. Looking at the work this morning gave me additional perspective. I selected twenty-two pieces by eleven artists. The selected works were outstanding among the seventy-four that were submitted. To summarize broadly, I found a thread of romance and nostalgia, complemented by a sci-fi, futuristic sensibility that speaks to this moment in time.

I enjoyed looking at the range of submissions. Clearly there is great creative energy in the School of Art, and in the City of Lubbock. This is evident in the selected works and in all of the submissions. My choices reflect what I saw as the most developed, resolved, and consequently strongest pieces in the room. After seeing all of the work it was clear that choosing by artist instead of by individual piece would make the best show. The selected works include painting, video/installation, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry/metals. The mediums and materials range from pennies, caution tape, and metronomes, to clay, oil paint, and inkjet prints. The artists chosen for the show bring a high level of craft to their chosen materials. There is an understanding that everything in material culture is fair game for art making.

Some of the ideas afloat in the exhibition are related to time, memory, imagined spaces, communication, and open-ended narratives. I hope that the individual voices that make the show will resonate harmoniously in the exhibition as a whole. I imagine the show will be relatively quiet in tone, poignant in some places, and humorous in others. There are big questions at play in both large and small-scaled works. Perhaps the gathering of these particular pieces will spark a dialogue that results in even bigger (more beautiful) questions.

Annette Lawrence