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Laptop Initiative FAQ

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What is the requirement?
All students in the School of Art Photography, Communication Design and Visual Studies programs will be required to have a laptop computer meeting specific criteria as they enter their major courses. If your laptop does not meet the minimum requirements, you will be at a disadvantage as you enter your academic program.

When does it go into effect:
The requirement is curremtly in effect for students in Photography, Communication Design and Visual Studies.

Who is required to have a laptop computer?
All students seeking BFA degrees in Photography, Communication Design and Visual Studies and students seeking MFA, MA, Lubbock campus MAE's and Phd degrees, at the time they enter the courses in their major. Students who enter these majors in subsequent semester will be required to have the specified laptop computer at the time their major coursework begins. Each of the three majors will define for their areas when the laptop must be purchased. All adjuncts and graduate students are encouraged to purchase laptops through the program.

Are students required to buy a new computer?
Students who already have a laptop computer that meets or exceeds the specified hardware and operating characteristics do not have to buy a new computer. If you buy a new computer through our Apple Campus Online Store (http://store.apple.com/us_edu_476488), you will receive the educational pricing. Windows devices are not supported, ONLY Apple laptops. If a question arises about the suitability of a particular computer, a student should check the website for clarification.

If I have a Dell/IBM/Sony/HP or other Windows laptop, what do I need to get in order to use it in my degree program?Unfortunately, the laptop requirement is for a computer that will run Mac OSX. We are not able to support Windows operating system. You will need to obtain a laptop that meets the requirements.
Please check our Laptop Requirement section above.

I would like to purchase a laptop in the Fall but I won't start the courses in my Major for several semesters. Will the requirements for laptops change between now and then?
Computer hardware and software change over time, with a general trend of increasing power and decreasing prices. If you buy a laptop computer as an entering freshman, it will not be the same as the ones being sold when you enter your major classes. However, if you buy a high quality computer as a freshman, it will still be serviceable as you graduate (with some updates and careful maintenance). While the requirements will change periodically to keep up with the current technology, the laptop you purchase when you enter your major should serve you until the completion of your degree, provided that occurs within a reasonable time frame.

What is the cost for each of the three laptop bundles?
The three laptop bundles at academic pricing are available online at: http://store.apple.com/us_edu_476488

How do I order a Laptop at academic pricing?
To purchase a laptop at the educational pricing, simply visit http://store.apple.com/us_edu_476488. Click on "Recommended Systems" in the upper righthand corner to identify the suggested equipment for your academic area.

For instructions on how to order through the online Campus Store CLICK HERE.

Can I use financial aid to purchase my laptop?
Yes, If you qualify for financial aid, it is possible that you may have money available to purchase a laptop. The first step with financial aid is to: Increase your cost of attendance using the Budget/ Cost of attendance change request. Second: Have a financial aid officer check to see if you have additional money within your own Federal aid package. Third: if you have no additional federal aid available, you will be encouraged to apply for a third-party student loan.

Won't there be a standard way financial aid handles all the laptoprequests?
No, each financial aid case is different so you cannot rely on anyone else's information to determine if you will qualify for additional aid. You will need to talk directly with a financial aid officer who is familiar with your situation.

Will the School of Art provide opportunities for students to meet with financial aid?
Yes, The School of Art will work with the Financial aid office to provide several meeting opportunities for students to meet one on one with a financial aid officer who can look at each student's financial aid status and who knows the requirements of the laptop initiative. These meetings will occur (for students needing laptops for fall) in the spring, after financial aid is awarded for following fall, probably in early April. They will be publicized on this site and throughout the art building on fliers.

How will I find out about my financial aid opportunities if I miss the meetings?
The Financial aid office has asked Advisor Irma Mooney to answer questions about our laptop initiative in relation to the student's financial aid. You may contact her by email at irma.mooney@ttu.edu should you care to ask questions about how your available financial aid can apply to our laptop program.

What if I need a second laptop while I am a student?
The Budget/Cost of attendance change request can only be applied once to your financial aid per degree program. So as long as you are earning one degree you may only request one budget increase for your financial aid for a laptop. If you were to earn that degree and begin working on a second degree, you may be able to request another budget increase for the second laptop.

What if I get the financial aid increase for the laptop and then decide to change degrees and don't need to purchase the laptop?
If you get the increase but decide not to purchase the laptop, you need to notify the financial aid office. Once you have requested the budget increase for one laptop you will not be able to request another while you complete your current degree.

When will the ordered laptop computers be delivered?
The Apple Campus Store will show you when you can expect your item to be shipped. It usually will ship within 3-5 business days.

Do students have to buy a particular model?
For our laptop program, there are three models that are available and bundled with the software you will need for the School of Art majors. Students can purchase any model laptop that meets the above minimum requirements but the bundling for the School of Art is available only on three models.

Should I insure my laptop bundle for loss, theft or damage?
Yes! We strongly advise that you purchase a personal articles insurance policy for your laptop through your parents or on your own.
Apple recently announced new laptop computers/operating systems.

How will this impact my Laptop Initiative bundle offer?
The laptop bundles have been adjusted to include Apple's new offerings. Full details will be available on the Apple Campus Store website.

Will other items be available at special prices to enhance the function of the computers?
Apple will offer a full line of upgrades, accessories, and support items at the educational discount. Students are encouraged to customize their laptops for their own intended patterns and level of use.

Who is eligible to buy a laptop computer at the academic price?
In addition to the students in the three Laptop initiative programs (photography, visual studies and communication design), all students who are majors or minors in the School of Art, including graduate and undergraduate students will be eligible to purchase laptop computers at the academic price. Also, faculty, staff and adjunct faculty are included in this purchase offer.

If I am declaring a major in one of the three Laptop initiative areas, when will I actually be eligible to purchase the Laptop bundle?
Students are eligible at any time but we encourage students to purchase their laptops as soon as possible and certainly when they are accepted to their program area of emphasis.

Do faculty, adjunct faculty, graduate students and staff qualify for the special pricing on the laptop bundle?
Yes, faculty, adjuncts, grad students and staff in the School of Art are eligible to purchase a laptop in this program subject to the following restrictions: One per person Must not be for immediate resale

I am a public school teacher working on my MAE degree during the summers. How and when can I purchase a laptop under this program?
The academic pricing is available to all graduate students in the School of Art.

Who made this decision?
Faculty and administrators in the School of Art made the recommendation to establish this requirement to benefit our students and streamline our classroom technological activities.

Why does the requirement specify an Apple computer?
Apple computers are the industry standard system for artists. In addition, Apple offers a very good computer, excellent technical support and training and a competitive price. Apple computers provide a rich environment for multimedia applications and image processing in an easy to use format.

Is there technical help available in the School of Art?
Yes the School of Art IT division will provide support for all students who are enrolled in the laptop initiative. Please check back in the near future for a FAQ page regarding support for the laptop initiative and a list of the services that we will be providing.

Where else can I go for technical help?
Use the IT helpdesk located at 2903 4th Street, Lubbock, TX 79409 near the police station and parking office.
Their physical hours for walk-in help are:
Mon-Thurs: 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Their telephone helpdesk is 806-742-HELP (4357) and their email address is ithelpcentral@ttu.edu.

Hours for the telephone and email help are:
Mon-Thurs: 7:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Friday: 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM

And their web address for online help is:

Will School of Art students be allowed to check out school owned external hard drives for short periods to transfer files and work on large projects such as movies?
No, all students will be required to provide their own storage devices even for simple transfers however we do strongly suggest that all students purchase a separate hard drive for secure data backup in case of computer failure.

How will I use my computer when I am in a class or working in the School of Art?
The School of Art will have at least one room in the computer lab area equipped with larger monitors and keyboards with mice for faculty and students to use while working in a class. Other accommodations for students with laptops will be developed in the near future.

For how long will this requirement last?
This requirement does not have a time limit. At some point in the future, it will be modified to adapt to new technology developments and opportunities and to include all students in all programs within the SOA. The initial commitment to the specified configuration is for students entering the designated programs over at least the next two years.

To whom should additional questions be addressed?
Additional questions should be sent to: jonathan.haenchen@ttu.edu