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2017 Summer Session 2 – Fredericksburg

Session Two Fredericksburg Campus: July 09 - July 28 (Sunday – Friday)

All courses are open to School of Art graduate students and advanced undergraduate students with instructor permission.

ART 4322/5322 Painting with Jimena Marin

This painting course is for undergraduate, graduate and life learning students. The course will address form and content through acrylic medium.
Students will have ample in class guided studio time for concept development.

Jimena Marin was born in Lubbock, Texas. Ten days after she was born her family moved back to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where she was raised. She finished her BFA at La Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, where she learned the art of Japanese paper (Washi Zoquei). In 2003, she moved back to Lubbock and went to Texas Tech University for her MFA. After graduation in 2008, she moved to San Antonio, where she makes art, and works as a full-time instructor of arts at Northwest Vista College.

ART 4328/5328 Printmaking with Catherine Prose

This course in printmaking will explore several techniques in monotypes and monoprints. Artists will work in both reductive and additive print processes and will be introduced to some uncommon tech- niques. All techniques can be easily adapted to meet any artistic expression. Art- ists are encouraged to be as experimental as they want!

Catherine Prose is a working artist and associate professor at Midwestern State University where she teaches printmaking, drawing, art appreciation and honors art appreciation. Prose holds a bachelor of art from Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma and an MFA from Texas Tech University. In the span of Prose’s art career she has organized over 70 exhibits and her art work has been included in over 65 exhibitions which consist of solo, juried, invitational and international showings. Prose is a mixed media artist working in printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography. She grew up between the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma and the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Prose approaches her art with a concern for nature and resistance to faith built ideals. She is interested in juxtaposing found religious iconography with landscape to create new meaning and explores ideas of gender and landscape.

ART 4326 / 5326 Photography with Brianna Burnett
Photography course designed to develop photographic techniques while looking at history and com- munity. In this course students will work with a variety of photograph- ic processes to develop a visual voice for community projects and concepts. We will be working directly with Literacy through Photography a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning that combines visual literacy training, photography, and writing.

Brianna Burnett is a fine art photographer living and working in Dallas, Texas. Her photography is a collection of images that refer- ence storytelling, mythology and narrative. Motivated by land- scape, history and the culture of her surroundings, she integrates these concepts into photographs that are studies of historical and personal narrative. Ms. Burnett earned an MFA in Photography and Sculpture from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She completed her undergraduate – member at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - online program. .

ART 6002  Master of Art Education Capstone with Ed Check
The last three hours of the final capstone (one week)

MAE Coordinator: Andrés Peralta, Ph.D
Site Coordinator: Robin Germany