Art Vision 20/20 :: A Long Range Plan for Excellence

The Texas Tech School of Art provides a community in which great students and great professors learn from each other in countless ways.  Fueling our commitment to sustain and enhance our community, the School of Art, through the work of its Development Committee, has forged an ambitious long-range plan with an Endowment Campaign for scholarships, endowed faculty positions, and programs. With your help, Art Vision 20/20 aims to raise $60 million in endowments by 2020.

Our first priority is to provide scholarships.  Full scholarships will recruit and retain the very best students from Texas and the world. Significant partial scholarships will attract talented students with lots of potential but limited financial resources. And because the best students seek superlative professors, another major element of Art Vision 20/20 is developing twenty Endowed Faculty Chairs and Endowed Professorships. By funding new positions or enhancing existing salaries, these draw, or retain, the best teaching scholars. They provide funds for doing research—from metal pouring to Italian medieval painting—and for presenting the faculty’s ideas and art works at conferences and exhibitions.

To energize the students’ educational experiences, Art Vision 20/20 encourages endowments to support a range of exhibitions and scholarly programs here at Tech.  Program Endowments can help our brightest young people study abroad and travel to museums in the region and the US.  And we seek endowments that enable us to take advantage of faculty expertise in digital exhibitions and art by providing reliable funding for equipment and software.

Texas Tech made a big commitment to the visual arts in 2002 when it formed the College of Visual and Performing Arts. This step was partly in recognition of the outstanding, culturally diverse faculty that the former Department of Art had acquired. Since then, the new School of Art has revitalized its existing programs and curricula. Our faculty, students, and programs have begun to achieve international recognition. Several of our major areas are considered to be the best in Texas, such as Ceramics, Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing, and Graphic Design.  We have a significant undergraduate Art History program, a cutting-edge Visual Studies program, and offer a Fine Arts Doctoral Program that is unique in the nation.  

We are grateful to the many benefactors of the School of Art whose student Scholarship Endowments have attracted our current crop of strong students.  As the University continues to grow, we must be prepared to meet the future. We hope that you, too, consider the visual arts as essential to an intelligent, informed, creative society that rises to the challenges we face in today’s world.  We are working hard to earn your support by creating a stimulating, cutting-edge academic environment in which the arts can flourish. Together we can move ahead with our goal of being a premier School of Art for Texas and beyond.

To learn more about The School of Art's Vision for 2020 please contact Professor Lydia Thompson, Director of the School of Art, or Joe Arredondo, Assistant to the Director.