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Communication Design (Graphic Design)
Course Descriptions and Prerequisites

Area of Emphasis
Art 2388 Design Process Prerequisite :: Art 1303, 1302, and enrolled in Art 2304 and 2303.
Preparation of application materials for submission to the faculty in consideration of communication design (graphic design) program acceptance.
Art 3385 Computer Design Methods I Prerequisite :: Art 2388
Technical aspects of raster graphics. Stresses use of digital peripherals to capture and construct images, vector drawing, file integration, and digital production.
Art 4359 Graphic Design History Prerequisite :: Program Acceptance
Examination of the evolution of the graphic arts. Discusses design innovators as well as styles and movements. Emphasis placed on the 20th century.
Art 3386 Computer Design Methods II Prerequisite :: Art 3385 and 4359
Technical aspects of page layout, file integration and digital production will be introduced including digital peripherals as they relate to image capture.
Art 3381 Typography Prerequisite :: Art 3385 and 4359
Theoretical and practical survey of visual typography. Typographic fundamentals, historical contexts, visual organization, meaning and expressive qualities of type as visual form and visible language.
Art 3382 Symbols Prerequisite :: Art 3385 and 4359
Exploration of symbols in design communication (graphic design). Meaning, concept development, process, research and problem solving are emphasized including appropriateness and responsibility to communicate effectively.
Art 3383 Type + Image Prerequisite :: Art 3381, 3382, and 3386
Study of the relationship between visual and verbal language. Exploration of the informative, expressive, and experimental potential to solve complex narratives. Form will be stressed.
Art 3384 Visual Systems Prerequisite :: Art 3381, 3382, and 3386
Development of integrated design systems and their systematic application of visual continuity. Emphasis on concept and the relationship between content and form.
Art 4357 Web Media Design Prerequisite :: Art 3381, 3382, and 3386
Fundamentals of website design and authoring tools applied to information structure, project workflow, functionality and interface experience related to the professional field of communication design (graphic design).
Art 4380 Publication of Design Prerequisite :: Art 3383, 3384, and 4357
Sequential design and structural systems dealing with type, image, and form. Emphasizes concept development, research, writing, and presentation skills. Outside assignments.
Art 4381 Public + Social Service Design Prerequisites :: Art 3383, 3384, and 4357
Emphasis is placed on the role of the designer in the community, public awareness and social responsibility. Stresses teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills.
Art 4382 Portfolio Development Prerequisites :: Art 4380, 4381, and a minimum of 2 communication (graphic design) electives.
Must pass portfolio review prior to enrollment. Emphasizes resume development, final portfolio preparation and refinement, business procedures, self-promotion, and interviewing skills. Offered in the spring semester only.

Area of Emphasis Electives

Art 4350 Topics in Communication Design (Graphic Design) Prerequisite :: Art 4380 and 4381
This course will explore a specific area of interest in a particular kind of communication design (graphic design) problem. May be repeated in different topics.
Art 4354 Illustration Prerequisite :: Art 4380, 4381
Exploration of illustration through structured practical application. Image making, concept, style, appropriateness of imagery, and interpretation of narrative will be stressed. Repeatable once for credit.
Art 4355 Professional Internship Prerequisite :: By Consent of Instructor
Provides the student an on-site internship experience. Placement is student initiated and faculty approved. Student's progress will be monitored. Repeatable once for credit.
Art 4356 Packaging Prerequisite :: 4380, 4381
Study and design of the 3-dimensional form and surface. Stresses problem solving and innovative thinking as they relate to the environment and ecological concerns. Repeatable once for credit.
Art 4358 Motion Graphics Prerequisite :: 4380, 4381
Explores the interactive effects of time and motion including visual rhythm, continuity and relationship between form and content of visual communication. Repeatable once for credit.