Texas Tech University :: School Of Art

Zach Tate :: Third Year
West Plains, Missouri

In the last decade we have been a nation of paranoia and fear. Through our ineptness to handle our current state, we accept unfettered information and are led blindly to the stockade. We have been encouraged to accept ideas that have previously been unacceptable to us (via the media, politicians, corporations…etc).

We, as citizens, are viewed as a commodity to our economic and political system. These systems have determined our value by what we produce/contribute. But in the end, we don’t get the product of our toils nor an equal share from our contributions expected from us. Yet, through all of these injustices, we don’t ask; we don’t rebuke. We are left feeling helpless and reminded how much worse things could get. Over the long run this begins to have a deep psychological effect on us.  Bill McKibben elaborates this thought: “With their help we have made golden calves of ourselves - become a nation of terrified, self- obsessed idols. It works, and it may well keep working for a long time to come. When  Americans hunger for selfless love and are fed only love of self, they will remain hungry, and too often hungry people just come back for more of the same.” Click here for CV | Click here for Website