Texas Sculpture Symposium

Starting in the mid-1970s a number of Texas sculptors began to congregate in various academic settings to talk about sculpture on a regular basis.  By 1987 the Texas Sculpture Symposium had been held in Houston, San Marcos, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.  What began as a simple desire for sculptors to get together and exchange ideas had developed into a financially and communally supported event with speakers from inside and outside the Texas borders.  Sculpture was exhibited throughout the cities in numerous venues.  It was a decade of excitement and camaraderie among artists.

Having participated in five of the six Texas Sculpture Symposia of the 1980s, Sara Waters, professor of sculpture in the TTU School of Art, had long wanted to revive the Texas Sculpture Symposium as a forum for the sculpture community of Texas to exchange ideas and develop collaborations.  The 2004 Texas Sculpture Symposium, technically the 7th Texas Sculpture Symposium was presented on the TTU Junction Center Campus, organized by Waters, working with William Cannings, associate professor of sculpture at Texas Tech and the office of Landmark Arts in the School of Art.

The Symposium resulted in the forming of The Sculpture Network of Texas.

The Symposium has been presented annually since 2004. On even numbered years, the Sculpture area presents the Symposium at the Junction campus in collaboration with The Sculpture Network of Texas. On odd numbered years, other Texas venues are used as the site of the Symposium.

13th Texas Sculpture Sympoisum 2010

11th Texas Sculpture Symposium 2008

Report from the 9th Texas Sculpture Symposium (2006)

Report from the 7th Texas Sculpture Symposium (2004)