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CSECS: People

The Center for the Science & Engineering of Cyber Security includes faculty in interdisciplinary areas:

Faculty Member Department Research Area
Yong Chen, Ph.D. CS Cyber Security in Infrastructures
Michael Gelfond, Ph.D. CS Representation & Reasoning − Theoretical Foundation of Cyber Security
Rattikorn Hewett, Ph.D.
Interim chair for CSECS
CS Threat Assessment, Trusted Complex Systems, and Intelligence Informatics

Keith Jones, Ph.D. Psy Cognitive Behaviors in Cyber Security
Sunho Lim, Ph.D. CS Network & Mobile Security
Susan A. Mengel, Ph.D. CS Information Assurance & Security
Sepideh Ghanavati, Ph.D. CS Privacy and Software Systems
Akbar Siami−Namin, Ph.D. CS Cryptography, Security Verification & Validation, Information Security, and Mobile Code Security
Michael (Eonsuk) Shin, Ph.D. CS Security Software Modeling & Specifications
Abdul Serwadda, Ph.D. CS Biometrics and Cybersecurity of Wearable Devices
Yuanlin Zhang, Ph.D. CS Constraint−Based Reasoning and Application Security