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Top 10 Reasons to Be a GK-12 Teacher

1)Develop an enhanced understanding of the relationship of math and science in your teaching.

2)Share your classroom knowledge with others, including the graduate Fellows.

3) Have an extra 1-2 graduate students in the classroom who can help with lecture and/or laboratory preparation and execution.

4) Have the opportunity to allow graduate students to share their research expertise with your students.

5) Be paid a stipend of $4,500 for your time.

6) Participate in a two-week summer institute.

7) Be part of a creative, interdisciplinary team involving graduate students and K-12 high school teachers.

8) Develop novel integrated math-science or math-engineering curriculum modules for use in the K-12 environment.

9) See benefit to your students through the application of the new inquiry-based integrated curriculum modules.

10) Participate in national dissemination of your work through a capstone conference help develop a model that can be replicated across the nation.

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