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What Is GK-12 Building Bridges?

Integrating Math, Science, and Engineering on the South Plains!

This program prepares forty (eight per year) experienced doctoral-level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduate students and forty (eight per year) secondary STEM teachers to work in an interdisciplinary environment by developing novel Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Bridge Quartets (MESBQ), where a GK-12 Science or Engineering Fellow and a GK-12 Mathematics Fellow will partner with corresponding in-service science and mathematics teachers.

The cohorts will form during a series of summer institutes, where the research knowledge of the Fellows will be disseminated to the teachers, training in pedagogy and learning theory will occur for the Fellows, and integrated STEM curriculum modules will be developed.  The focus of the MESBQ project is to enrich the education of STEM doctoral students, to develop a novel curricular approach to mathematics and science instruction, to build integrated math/science communities within and between higher education and K-12 institutions, and to enhance the mathematics and science content knowledge of teacher participants.