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Museum of Texas Tech University
Room Rental Information

The Museum of Texas Tech University offers several facilities for rental by University-affiliated departments and organizations, as well as non-profit organizations. We can accommodate events of up to 300 people for fairs, dinners, conference events, or programs in one or more of our spaces. With easy access for Texas Tech University and the Lubbock community, we are a popular venue for any type of small meeting, conference, program, or special event.

Most of our meeting facilities are located in the Helen DeVitt Jones Sculpture Court complex, accessed through the west entrance. We have abundant parking outside this entrance in our west visitors’ lot, accessed via our north parkway entrance off 4th Street or from the 7th Street entrance off Indiana Avenue (adjacent to the International Cultural Center).


Who Can Rent the Museum Facilities?
University policies govern who may use the Museum’s facilities, restricted to those activities that are for university and public educational, research, and entertainment purposes only. Colleges, departments, and organizations associated with the Texas Tech University System have preferred status. We also rent our facilities to non-profit organizations. Fundraisers of any kind, other than those conducted by the Museum or the Museum of Texas Tech University Association, are not permitted unless the funds raised benefits scholarships at Texas Tech University. We are unable to accommodate any events for commercial organizations, political groups, or individuals and private parties.

Spaces Available for Use
A general floor plan of the spaces available (rooms labeled in green) and their relationship to the galleries and other spaces of the Museum of Texas Tech University can be found here. Scheduling of all Museum facilities may be limited during public access hours and is subject to preemption for Museum institutional needs.

east view
west viewHDJ SC w

(10,700 square feet)

The Museum’s flagship program facility is the Sculpture Court that can accommodate any kind of event for up to 450 people (300 for a dining event). The room can be configured in virtually any manner desired—from traditional banquet seating to classroom tables and open seating. It is also an ideal setting to incorporate a floor program or dance area. A podium, microphone, and the ability to play background music are all available when arranged in advance. The catering kitchen is immediately accessible to the Sculpture Court and can serve for any food-service need. A small stage can be set up for your head table, featured speaker, or other program. A piano is also available to be placed anywhere in the Sculpture Court.




The Auditorium seats 287 people with additional spaces for wheelchair access. The space is ideal for lectures, films, and presentations utilizing our rear-projection video screen and computer or DVD-based computer system. The stage— supported by two dressing rooms—is large enough for small theatrical performances. A fine Steinway piano also is available for use on the Auditorium stage.



(825 square feet)

This room, immediately adjacent to the Sculpture Court and the Auditorium, can accommodate up to 53 individuals in either a classroom, conference, or “in the round” set up. The room includes a LCD projection system for your computer or film presentations. This room also can accommodate phone conference calls (additional fees may apply).


Mem Rm

(715 square feet)

The Museum’s first multipurpose meeting room built as part of the original building construction in 1970, the Memorial Room is located in the heart of the Museum adjacent to the Main Gallery. The set up can be arranged in nearly identical configurations as the Green Room (capacity 48 people). A projector and screen can be brought in as needed, and a small kitchenette is available with the Memorial Room.



(1792 square feet or two areas of 890 square feet each)

Located on the second floor of the Museum, the Kline Room is a multipurpose meeting and classroom space. It can be divided in half for separate events or smaller groups. The room includes a LCD projection system for your computer or film presentation. The room can be set up for up to 36 individuals classroom style (with tables) on each side of the room, or with the divider opened, can be arranged for theater-style seating for 88 people. The room is readily accessible from our main Museum lobby by staircase or elevator.

Free public access WI-FI Internet is available in all spaces (requires TTU eRaider credentials). If needed, arrangements usually can be made for hardwire Internet access in all our rooms. Restrooms are available adjacent in the Sculpture Court complex (Auditorium, Green Room, and Sculpture Court) and in our main lobby area of the 1st and 2nd floors.

Facility Use Fees
The fee schedule for each of our facilities is as follows (per day unless otherwise noted, for University, government, and non-profit groups only):

Daytime Rate
Evening/Weekend Rate
Sculpture Court*
Sculpture Court & Auditorium*
Green Room
Kline Room
Memorial Room
Classrooms #

* - Reservations of this area must be approved by the Museum Executive Director
# - Subject to availability and other Museum approvals

Fees include all room set up, tables, chairs, microphones, podiums, and projection systems—all available when arranged in advance with Museum Operations. Also includes a minimum of two (2) Museum Security staff per event, including an A/V technician if needed. If an event will include food or beverage service, the renting organization will have to provide linens and tablecloths. Most catering companies will add linen service as part of your arrangements with them.

Additional fees may be assessed as described in our Facility Use Fees policy. The Museum reserves the right to charge additional cleanup fees for any event or function where extra cleanup is required as determined by Museum Administration.

Arrangements may be made to have Museum galleries open during your event held outside of our normal operating hours. We also would be delighted to help set up guided tours or planetarium shows led by our Education Division (additional fees may apply). Please discuss your interest with Museum Operations.

Discounts – The fee schedule amount may be discounted upon the approval and discretion of the Executive Director. Typical discounts are considered for events that are educational in nature or where the Museum can be listed as a co-sponsor of the event. Please ask Museum Operations for more details.

Deposits & Payments – A nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the anticipated fees, along with a signed agreement, is required to confirm and guarantee the reservation of a space/room. Until such time as a deposit is made, a preliminary “inquiry hold” on a space/room affords the requesting party first refusal rights. In case of a conflict or another inquiry, that hold must be upgraded to a guarantee by the requestor. In all cases, the nonrefundable deposit and signed agreement must be registered in Museum Operations a minimum of 30 days before the event. The balance of the contract fees can be paid at any time, but no later than 10 work days after the event.

Changes & Cancellation Charges – There are no charges for minor changes made more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled event start time, unless additional rooms are contracted. Substantial changes made less than 48 hours before the scheduled event start time will result in an additional charge of $50, plus whatever additional fees are applicable. A written cancellation submitted more than 30 calendar days before the scheduled event will result in no additional charges (beyond the nonrefundable deposit). Cancellations after that date will be assessed an additional $20 processing fee.

Damages – If damage to any part of the Museum’s facility, property, or equipment occurs due to the action or negligence of the requestor’s party, caterer, decorator, or events, the requestor is responsible for any and all resulting charges (e.g., repairs, cleaning).

HDJ SC fair

Food & Beverage Service
Catered events/meetings can be held in many of our rental spaces. The Sculpture Court complex includes a small kitchen with a separate, direct entrance for catering companies. You are free to choose any caterer (including self-catering your event). We have worked with most every company in town—so they are already familiar with our set up and rules. The only restrictions are that no food or beverages are allowed in the Auditorium or any of our gallery spaces; they are always confined to the meeting rooms where your event is taking place.

The serving of alcoholic beverages as part of your event, either inside the Museum or on the grounds, requires special written permission from the University administration. Any request for permission to serve alcoholic beverages should be submitted in writing to Museum Operations for processing. University and State rules require trained and licensed servers to dispense any alcoholic beverage. The Museum does not permit alcohol service during public functions or when underage individuals are present.

Texas Tech University has an exclusive beverage agreement for bottled water and soda beverages; this agreement extends to include the Museum of Texas Tech University. Facility users or their caterer are only permitted to use Coca-Cola products for these needs. This restriction does not apply to coffee, tea, or non-bottled beverages. A list of permissible beverage products is available from Museum Operations.

Linens and tablecloths are required for any activity where food or beverage service will take place. The Museum does not own or maintain linens, so you would have to provide your own or make appropriate arrangements with your catering company.

Other Considerations
Use of the grounds outside the Museum as part of your event requires special permission from University administrators. Please discuss your ideas with Museum Operations and plan on submitting a request well in advance (at least 4-6 weeks) of your event.

Museum policy does not permit the following activities or materials as part of your event:

  • No adhesive tapes, nails, or other attachment devices may be used to attach items (e.g., banners, signs, theater flats) on walls, floors, stage, ceilings, or other facility surfaces without permission. These items generally are not permitted unless you provide the device on which something is adhered to or hung.
  • On-site sale of tickets (including “at the door”), products, materials, or other matters that involve a payment transaction during the event at the Museum are not permitted. Speaker(s) or vendor(s) at an event may accept orders or provide information about products, but those orders and any payment transactions must be processed off-site before or after the event.
  • Museum exhibits and other materials may not be moved or rearranged.
  • Confetti, glitter, and helium-filled balloons cannot be used inside the Museum.
  • No open flames (e.g., candles, lanterns) are permitted.
  • The Museum is a tobacco-free facility.
  • No illegal edged weapons or firearms are permitted on the University grounds or in any Museum buildings.
  • In accordance with University policy, no animals are allowed inside the Museum except guide dogs for the visually impaired and service animals with other disabilities as permitted by University policy.

HDJ SC entry

Booking an Event
To inquire about the availability of space, to ask for more information, or to initiate the booking of an event, please contact Museum Operations at (806)742-2442. Or send an e-mail to museum.operations@ttu.edu. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your event and its needs, as well as to show you the spaces in person.

The Fine Print
Details about the policies that govern the use of the Museum’s facilities can be found in the following documents:



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