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Graduate certificates are intended to meet the supplemental post-baccalaureate education needs of professionals. A graduate certificate program is a set of courses that provides in-depth knowledge in a subject matter. The set of courses provides a coherent knowledge base.

A student applying for a graduate certificate program will be admitted with a “GCRT” designation. Some certificate programs require the GRE or GMAT, and some do not. To take any graduate course, all prerequisite courses (including undergraduate courses) must be taken and necessary background obtained before attempting the course. A student will be required to have a baccalaureate degree to start a graduate certificate program. There is only one exception to having a baccalaureate degree. If an undergraduate student from Texas Tech University has a 3.0 GPA or better and is within 12 hours of completion of a baccalaureate degree, the student may start taking graduate courses toward a graduate certificate. The student must have a baccalaureate degree to receive a graduate certificate.

Graduate credits earned while the student is enrolled in a graduate certificate program may not be applied toward a graduate degree unless the student completes the GRE or GMA T and enrolls as a fully accredited graduate student. After taking the GRE or GMA T and fulfilling all other admission requirements, a student may use the courses taken for a graduate certificate degree if the courses fulfill the requirements of the program of study for the degree.

Graduate students may pursue a graduate certificate that is outside their graduate program of study. No more than one transfer course (if approved by the advisor of the graduate certificate program and the Graduate School) will be allowed for a graduate certificate program. If a graduate student is in good standing and dropping out of the graduate program, the student may receive a graduate certificate if the necessary courses have been taken. To receive a graduate certificate, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or better. No grade lower than a C will be accepted.

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Graduate Certificate

Addictions and the Family

Provides specialized training to mental health providers who work with families and individuals struggling with substance abuse and addictive behaviors.

Contact: Dr. Sterling T. Shumway
806.742.2891, Ext. 260

Agricultural Communications Leadership

Enables individuals working in agricultural communications profession to increase their understanding of the more complex and dynamic communication strategies such as crisis communications, knowledge management, and effective online media utilization. Increases students’ understanding of leadership and the people with whom they interact on a daily basis, enabling them to perform their professional duties more effectively and efficiently.

Contact: Dr. David Doerfert, 806.834.4477,
or Dr. Courtney Meyers, 806.834.4364,
or Dr. Erica Irlbeck, 806.834.6708,

Agricultural Leadership

Enables individuals working in any sector of the agricultural industry to develop an understanding of theoretical leadership principles as well as the basics
of applying leadership techniques to groups in a variety of situations. Provides coursework that will help leaders understand the people with whom they interact on a daily basis and enable them to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently.

Contact: Dr. David Doerfert, 806.834.4477, or
Dr. Todd Brashears, 806.834.2135,

Applied Behavior Analysis

Serves as an introductory course of study for students who want training in applied behavior analysis.

Contact: Heather Kruk, 806.834.6668


Art History, Criticism, and Theory

Provides a knowledge base in art history and a critical and theoretical foundation that is increasingly valuable for professional advancement in art and art-related fields.

Contact: Dr. Carolyn Tate; 806.742.3825, Ext. 236

Authentic Leadership and Entrepreneurship for the Family Business

An integrated course of study that addresses the unique needs of the family business in two critical areas: (1) interpersonal leadership skills and (2) entrepreneurship skills. Serves as a lead-in to the Week-Block M.B.A. for Working Professionals

Contact: Dr. Michael Ryan, 806.834.3175
Nikki Bohannon, 806.834.3763


Allows students to specialize in the area of autism while developing additional skills in working with children with autism spectrum disorders. The certificate can be undertaken during a master's or post-baccalaureate certification program or as a stand-alone certificate.

Contact: Dr. Devender Banda

Book History and Digital Humanities

Students prepare for a career in publishing, civil service, industry, digital humanities, library science, or the academy; develop new workplace skills or supplements existing skills; learn best practices for converting cultural artifacts into digital form; understand the relationship between print culture, book history, and textual criticism; and develop or improves pedagogical or technological skills.

Dr. Jennifer Snead,, 806.742.2500

Applicants must fill out the certificate application available at

Business Analytics

Designed to train professional analysts to help organizations with the collection, filtering, storage, and analysis of very large amounts of data to support decision making. Business Analytics is one of the fastest growing and most important areas in today’s business world and is in very high demand in organizations and consulting companies. 

Contact: Dr. Glenn Browne, 806.834.0969,
or Dr. Zhangxi Lin, 806.834.1926,

Charitable Financial Planning

Serves the needs of current and future financial planners interested in expanding their ability to serve clients with charitable interests and serves the needs of current and future fundraising professionals interested in expanding their ability to offer sophisticated planned-giving advice to supporting donors.

Contact: Dr. Russell James

College Student Counseling

Provides specialized training for professionals interested in college student counseling, mentoring, advising, personnel, and student affairs This certificate does not represent licensure or certification in counseling.

Contact: Dr. L.J. Gould, 806.834.4224,

Construction Engineering and Management

Designed for professionals who have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, or business and who are seeking a senior management position in the construction industry. It is ideal for students interested in pursuing graduate study without committing to a full master’s program.

Contact: Dr. Tewodros Ghebrab, 806.834.3218,


Crop Protection

With the emergence of transgenic crops, this certificate provides supplementary training and updated credentialing in the development of crop protection chemicals.

Contact: Dr. Peter Dotray, 806.834.3685,

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Brings together the relevant computing, engineering, and legal aspects of critical infrastructure with a focus on security for cyberphysical systems. Structured to reach a wide range of graduate students, including working professionals and on-campus students.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Urban, 806.834.5381,

Developmental Literacy

Will fill a need in the community for qualified teachers in developmental reading programs, adult basic education, adult literacy programs, alternative high schools, reading intervention programs in traditional high school settings, and GED programs.

Contact: Dr. Mellinee Lesley; 806.834.1186,

Digital Design and Fabrication

Teaches advanced design knowledge and innovation in architecture, architecture interiors, and product design. The program is positionedat the intersection of architecture, engineering, and computation with a sustainable design and interdisciplinary direction. Students develop skills geared towards a “digital-craft” based design professional orientation with emphasis on computer-aided design and material processes by leveraging state-of-the-art fabrication technologies (software, CAD-CAM, rapid prototyping, laser cutting, CNC routing, casting etc.).

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Christian Pongratz
806.742.3136, Ext. 226,

Dual Sensory Impairment

Aligned with CEC standards for students who are deaf and blind. Course emphasis is on communication and assessment. Thecertificate can be undertaken during a master’s or post-baccalaureate certification program, or as a stand-alone certificate.

Contact: Dr. Roseanna Davidson

Early Music Performance Practice

A resume-enhancing certificate that provides students with the research and performance skills increasingly expected of scholars and performers specializing in the performance practice of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music.

Contact: Angela Mariani Smith; 806.834.3912

Essentials of Business

Provides tools for a wide variety of business areas, including accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Courses in this certificate may be utilized toward the M.B.A. degree at acceptance and may be used as electives in other degree programs.

Contact: Kelsey Zickefoose, 806.834.1455


A useful credential for people in a wide variety of academic, professional, and commercial roles, including students planning on entering the medical and legal professions, teachers (primary, secondary, and college-level) who offer (or are planning to offer) ethics modules in their classes, members of hospital ethics committees, IRB’s, social action committees of churches, ethics watchdog committees within corporations, and professionals who are required to confront ethical questions on a regular basis.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Nathan, 806.834-7522

Fibers and Biopolymers

Provides professionals an opportunity to understand the meaning and complexity of cotton production and processing and its impact on industrial cotton products.

Contact: Dr. Noureddine Abi, 806.834.1221


Provides specialized knowledge in the area of finance and/or real estate. The certificate courses may be utilized as electives for other degree programs.

Contact: Dr.Jeffrey Mercer, 806.834.3365

Geographic Information Science
and Technology

Provides a flexible solution for professionals and recent graduates who would like to further their education in geospatial technology.

Contact: Dr. Kevin Mulligan, 806.834.0391,


An inter-institutional program offered through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA). Designed to prepare professionals who are either working directly with older people or are involved in education and research related to older adults. Tuition is set by the GPIDEA.

Contact: Dr. Jean Scott; 806.742-3000, Ext. 271


Health Care Facilities Design

An interdisciplinary certificate that offers specialty courses to graduate students and design professionals in health care, emphasizing evidence-based design as a way to enhance efficiency and safety. Successful completion of the certificate will position graduates to be employed in the health care facilities design sector
and play a leading role in evidence-based design.

Contact :Dr.  Saif Haq, 806.834.6317,

Higher Education Administration

Provides the opportunity for higher education professionals and those who seek administrative positions to develop and reinforce their knowledge base in current trends, leadership, methodologies, administration, and strategic management.

Contact: David Jones, 806.834.0989,

Historic Preservation

An interdisciplinary program that focuses on the documentation and preservation of historic architecture. The certificate has three major areas of interest: architecture history and theory, preservation policy and law, and building analysis technology.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Louden
806.742.3136, Ext. 241

Horticultural Landscape Management

The green industry is one of the largest agricultural industries in Texas. Industry changes in recent years have left many professionals seeking the kind of supplementary training this certificate provides to update their credentials.

Contact: Dr. Cynthia McKenney, 806.834.0722


Provides the experienced manager the opportunity to build and reinforce the interpersonal skills that are essential to the management role at every level. May be taken as a stand-alone certificate. The credits may be used in partial fulfillment of a M.B.A. degree.

Not available to students in the M.B.A. program.

Contact: Dr.Michael Ryan, 806.834.3175
Nikki Bohannon, 806.834.3763


Provides a meaningful and internally coherent course of study of language and linguistics to match the background, interests, and needs of the individual student.

Contact: Dr. Min-Joo Kim, 806.742.2501

Master Mentor

Designed to prepare those interested in mentoring beginning teachers. Theories, policies, and best practices in mentoring are examined.

Contact: Dr. Susan Myers, 806.470.0511
Dr. Connie Anderson; 806.742.1997, Ext. 272


Online certificate designed for anyone with bachelor’s degree who wants to increase mastery of the subject, particularly in-service teachers who desire to teach dual credit in high school or teach at a junior college.

Contact: Dr. Chris Monico,
Dr. Mara Neusel,
David Cannon,

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Enables students whose study and research relate to medieval and Renaissance materials to obtain an interdisciplinary certificate that will give them an advantage for positions in the field. The certificate will be of particular interest to students working toward a master’s or doctoral degree in art history, classics, English, romance languages, German, history, music or architecture.

Contact: Dr. John Howe, 806.742.3744
Dr. Connie Scarborough, 806.742.3145

Mental Health Counseling

Post-master’s certificate designed for professionals in the mental health field who wish to expand their training to a specialization in the mental health area. This certificate does not represent licensure or certification in counseling.

Contact: Dr. L.J. Gould; 806.834.4224

Multidisciplinary Science

Supports on-going and professional development activities that are designed to improve classroom practice for English learners in science and mathematics instruction.

Contact: Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, 806.834.4949



Personal Financial Planning

Designed to advance the student's knowledge that leads to the educational requirement for the Certified Financial Planner™ Certification designation.

Contact: Dr. John Gilliam; 806.742.5050, Ext. 240

Petroleum Engineering

Supplements a course of study for the student who possesses an engineering degree other than petroleum engineering. Provides the above-average student with basic education in petroleum engineering. Field experience is a plus for admission to this program.

Contact: Dr. Habib Menouar; 806.742.1801, Ext. 250

Piano Pedagogy

Designed for the professional piano teacher. Offers participants continuing education in graduate-level piano pedagogy and performance courses.

Contact: Dr. Carla Davis Cash
806.742.2270, Ext. 253

Publishing and Editing

Prepares students for a career in editing and publishing; develops new workplace skills or supplements existing skills; learns publication production; understands the relationship between publishing history, book history, and literary studies; and develops or improves editing skills.

Contact: Department of English, 806.742.2501

Applicants must fill out the certificate application available on the website

Sensory Impairment and Autism
Spectrum Disorders

Provides graduate students with specialized knowledge and strategies to use with the growing population of students with autism who also have a sensory impairment (visual impairment, hearing impairment, or deafblindness). Can be undertaken during a master’s or post-baccalaureate certification program or as a stand-alone certificate.

Contact: Dr. Nora Griffin-Shirley
806.742.1997, Ext. 247

Software Engineering

For those who do not need or wish to have a full graduate degree in software engineering or computer science. Directed towards working professionals and graduate students who are interested in systematic software development.

Contact: Dr. Susan Mengel, 806.742.3527,

Soil Management

Allows potential soil scientists to obtain the required number of college soils credit hours required by the Natural Resource Conservation Service and have a tangible certificate to indicate that the individual has the requisite education.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Moore-Kucera, 806.834.5485

Special Education Transition

Provides specialized training for anyone working with individuals with disabilities in the transition from school to employment, postsecondary education, or independent living. Can be undertaken during a master’s, doctorate, or post-baccalaureate certification program or as a stand-alone certificate.

Contact: Dr. Donna Brown; 806.742.1997, Ext. 286

Strategic Studies

Prepares students to fill the need for officials who can deal with strategic responsibilities in all branches of federal government, in the armed forces of the United States as well as state and local governments.

Contact: Dave Lewis, 806.834.4972

Teacher Leadership

Enhances leadership skills in data-driven decision making,instructional leadership, communication, and mentoring for teachers who aspire to perform teacher leadership duties more effectively. The certificate can be undertaken prior to joining the master’s program or as part of the master’s program.

Contact: Dr. Fernando Valle,
or Heather Kruk,

Teaching English in International Contexts

For any student at Texas Tech enrolled in any graduate program and considering teaching English outside the United States.

Contact: Dr. Greta Gorsuch, 806.742.3145

Teaching Technical Communication

Online and onsite certificate designed for international institutions needing to provide faculty and students with instruction in how to teach technical communication and for individuals seeking to retool their English degrees to develop teaching expertise in technical communication.


Contact: Dr. Kelli Cargile Cook,
Dr. Sean Zdenek,
Dr. Amy Koerber,

Urban and Community Design Studies

Provides an area of specialization in urban and community design studies for graduate students and professionals in related fields of architecture. Students develop a more focused understanding of the relationship between architecture and the urban environment as it relates to research-based academic endeavors and professional practice. The certificate is further supported by opportunities to participate in the Houston Program specializing in urbanism and/or the Urban Tech Downtown Studio in Lubbock.

Contact: Assoc. Professor MaryAlice Torres-MacDonald

Wind Energy–Managerial

Offers professionals post-baccalaureate level training options in six topic areas relevant to the industry. Specifically designed for non-technical professionals who wish to assume managerial responsibilities in wind energy.

Contact: Dr. Andrew Swift,

Wind Energy–Technical

Offers professionals post-baccalaureate level training options in six topic areas relevant to the industry. Specifically designed for non-technical professionals who wish to assume technical responsibilities in wind energy.

Contact: Dr. Andrew Swift,

Women’s Studies

Offers a specialist interdisciplinary sub-field in women’s, gender, and identity studies for doctoral and master’s degree candidates. It also functions as a stand-alone credential useful for professionals in nursing, social work, law, healthcare management, and the military, as well as in faith-based organizations and the field of education.

Contact: Dr. Charlotte Dunham, 806.742.4335,


Youth Development Specialist

Designed to prepare professionals who are either working directly with adolescents and young adults or are involved in education and research related to youth. It is designed to assist youth professionals to train individuals in the second decade of life with the skills necessary for a successful transition into adulthood.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Trejos; 806.742.3000, Ext. 265
Dr. Jean Pearson Scott; 806.742.3000, Ext. 271
Pam Gardner; 806.742.3031, Ext. 224;

Youth Program Management and Evaluation

Designed to prepare professionals who are either working directly with adolescents and young adults or are involved in education and research related to youth. Great Plains IDEA is the only alliance of public universities to offer a youth specialist certificate completely online. It is designed to assist in developing and applying resources for successful implementation and management of youth-serving organizations.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Trejos; 806.742.3000, Ext. 265
Dr. Jean Pearson Scott; 806.742.3000, Ext. 271
Pam Gardner; 806.742.3031, Ext. 224;



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