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Temporary Designations for Students Who Have Not Declared a Major

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Special temporary designations are intended to provide appropriate advisement to students who have not yet declared a major. Students declaring a temporary designation will take courses to complete core curriculum and GPA requirements in preparation for entering a major. Academic advisors from the supervising college or department will assist students to choose appropriate courses and a best-fit degree program.

To file a degree plan, students must declare a major. Students normally change from the temporary designation and declare a major by the time they have earned 45 to 60 semester credit hours.
Students who have not decided on a major should consider one of the following alternatives for a temporary designation:

  • An undecided student can be designated initially as University Undecided and Exploratory. The Exploratory designation is most appropriate for students who are exploring majors in a variety of academic disciplines and colleges. Through the university‚Äôs Discovery! process, students can explore best-fit majors by aligning values, interests, skills, and abilities. Exploratory status allows students the freedom to explore best-fit academic majors while staying on track in progress toward a degree. For more information on the University Undecided and Exploratory designation, contact Texas Tech University Advising, 79 Holden Hall, T 806.742.2189,
    F 806.742.2200,,
  • Students who are only exploring majors that fall within one particular academic college should check with advisors in that specific college.
  • Students who aspire to apply to a law, dental, medical, nursing, optometry, or pharmacy school or to one of a full range of health career professional schools (e.g., physical therapy, physician assistant) should consult the Pre-Professional Programs section of this catalog and seek appropriate advisement as recommended.
  • Students who aspire to pursue pre-veterinary medicine should seek advisement from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.
  • Students who desire to obtain an engineering degree should begin with a temporary pre-engineering designation, and seek advisement through Texas Tech University Advising, 79 Holden Hall, T 806.742.2189, F 806.742.2200,,