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Admission Requirements for
Specific Colleges

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Undergraduates who are accepted for admission to Texas Tech University will be enrolled in one of the degree-granting units of the university listed below. In addition to the university admission requirements, individual degree programs may have admission requirements that must be met before acceptance into the program.

Office of the Provost

  • The admissions requirements of this division are the same as those for the university.

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

  • The admissions requirements of the college are the same as those for the university.

College of Architecture

  • Freshman admissions requirements of the college are the same as those for the university.
    • Freshmen choosing to major in architecture will be admitted to general architecture.
    • Transfer students can be admitted to general architecture by transferring with a 3.0 GPA.
  • Admission into the pre-professional program is competitive
    and based on a comprehensive review of the student’s portfolio, essay, statement of intent and GPA. The review to continue in the preprofessional program occurs at the end of the first year.

College of Arts and Sciences

  • The admissions requirements of the college are the same as those for the university.
  • Freshmen or transfer students who are considering majors within this college may be admitted into a general major known as Arts and Sciences Undeclared (AS-BA-ASUD) until they select an A&S degree program in which they intend to graduate. Students transferring from another institution with less than 45 hours (including coursework in progress) may choose ASUD. Students who have completed 45 or more hours must declare a major to be considered for admission to this college.
  • Transfer students must have a minimum 2.0 transfer GPA to enter the college.

Jerry S. Rawls College of Business

  • First-time freshmen wishing to major in any business discipline must meet assured admission criteria and will be admitted to a pre-business major until completion of the lower-division business core with grades of C or higher and attainment of a minimum 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. Once these requirements have been met, students may declare a major. For more information on majors, check the Rawls College of Business section of the catalog.
  • Students transferring from any institution must have a minimum of 12 transferable hours and a 2.75 GPA or higher on transferable hours taken.

College of Education

  • The admissions requirements of the college are the same as those for the university.
  • Freshmen and transfer students wishing to become teachers may major in multidisciplinary studies. Degrees leading to certification in special education and bilingual education are also available. Students wishing to become science teachers (grades 8-12) may major in multidisciplinary science.
  • Students who major in the college or who major in another college and wish to become teachers must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Requirements and applications are available online at

Edward E. Whitacre College of Engineering

  • To gain admission to the Whitacre College of Engineering and a degree program, first-time freshmen or transfer students with fewer than 12 transferable credit hours must be accepted to the university with assured admission status. Applicants who meet these criteria will be placed into their program of choice and initially work to complete a foundational curriculum. Upon completion of the foundational coursework, a student must apply and be successfully admitted to a Whitacre College upper-division degree program. Students who are not successfully admitted to an upper-division degree program must transfer out of the college.
  • Students who do not qualify to be directly admitted to the Whitacre College of Engineering but still intend to pursue an engineering degree will be initially admitted to the Pre-Engineering designation (UN-BS-PREN).
  • Transfer students entering fall 2013 or later must have 24 or more hours transferable coursework and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 that includes the work at all previous institutions. Regardless of the number of hours and the specific courses included in the transfer credits, external transfer students are initially accepted into the lower-division foundational curriculum of their degree program and must complete a minimum of 12 hours of Texas Tech coursework before application to the upper division. Eligibility for admission to the upper division is based exclusively on the cumulative GPA earned at Texas Tech. Transfer students with fewer than 24 hours of transferable credit will begin in pre-engineering.
  • The GPA criterion for admission into the petroleum engineering major will increase to 3.2 in fall 2014.
  • All applicants admitted into Whitacre College of Engineering must be TSI compliant.

Honors College

  • Students who are admitted to a major within another college at the university, but who wish to participate in the honors program, must submit an additional application to the Honors College. The minimum admissions requirements for incoming freshmen are an SAT score of 1200 or higher or being in the top 10 percent of the high school graduating class. The minimum requirement for a current Texas Tech student or transfer student to apply to the Honors College is a 3.4 GPA. The application is available online at
  • Admission requirements for the B.A. in Honors Arts and Letters are contingent on successful admission to the Honors College.
  • February 1 is the priority admissions deadline for the Honors College, but the application is open until April 15th.

College of Human Sciences

  • Students meeting the admissions requirements of the university will be admitted to any major within the College of Human Sciences with the exception of interior design.
  • For admission into interior design, transfer students must have at least a 2.7 GPA. Incoming freshmen must be "assured admit" status.
  • Students seeking teacher certification in early childhood or family and consumer sciences must meet university requirements for admission to the Teacher Education program, including 60 credit hours completed towards the student's major and a 2.75 cumulative GPA.

College of Media and Communication

  • The admissions requirements of the college are the same as those for the university.
  • Students enrolling in or transferring into the college for the first time will be admitted into the pre-major (major) codes. To declare a major, a student must have a 2.5 GPA (2.25 for media strategies majors) in the first 30 hours taken at Texas Tech and have passed MCOM 1300 and 1100 with a C or higher.

College of Visual and Performing Arts

  • The admissions requirements of the college are the same as those for the university.
  • Students applying to communication design will be admitted to art incoming (ARTI) and must apply and present a portfolio during the spring semester for admission to this field of specialization.
  • Students applying to music will be admitted to music audition required (MUAR) until their audition. Music majors must audition and be admitted in their declared principal applied area with the appropriate faculty for acceptance into any music program.
  • Students applying to theatre arts or dance will be admitted to theatre and dance admitted (THDA). Students pursuing dance majors, minors, and concentrations must audition with the appropriate faculty for acceptance into the program. Entrance to the B.F.A. theatre arts program is by audition and interview, normally at the end of the sophomore year.

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