Environment and the Humanities (EVHM)


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1301. The Natural History Tradition (3). An introduction to the field of nature writing. Field trip required. Special field trip fee.

1302. Introductory Fieldcraft: Nature as Text (3). Development of field skills and interpretation of landscape. Weekly field trips and outside projects required. Special field trip fee. Fulfills core Technology and Applied Science requirement.



2302. The Literature of Place (3). An introduction to the literature of place through a series of writing and reading workshops. Fulfills core Language, Philosophy, and Culture requirement.



3300. Research Methods: Writing the Natural World (3). Writing for publication. A writing workshop in creative nonfiction focused on the relationship between people and nature. Field trips required. (Writing Intensive)

3305. Ecology (3). An introduction to the ecology of individuals, populations, and ecosystems. Special field trip fee. (Writing Intensive)

3306. Course Readings in Natural History (3). An exploration of contemporary writers whose focus is primarily the relationship of people with nature.

3350. Advanced Fieldcraft: Nature as Text (3). An advanced exploration of location. Research of literature, culture, and ecology of a region in preparation for immersion in a field experience. Field trip required. Special field trip fee.



4300. EVHM Senior Portfolio (3). Prerequisite: Proposal Approval. Individual project work under the guidance of a faculty member. (Writing Intensive)

4302. EVHM Summit Experience (3). Field experience in Green River, UT. Students will develop leadership skills as they explore canyons. Must be taken for Honors Summit credit. Fee required.