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3350. Introduction to Marketing (3). Prerequisites: C or better in ECO 2302 or 2305 and minimum cumulative 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. Marketing structures and agencies; motives and buying habits; types of middlemen, marketing institutions, and channels; current marketing practices; marketing of industrial and consumer goods.

3351. Services Marketing (3). Prerequisite: C or better in MKT 3350. Services are more difficult to market than products. This course explores the dynamic nature of services marketing based on value and relationships.

3352. Consumer Behavior (3). Prerequisite: C or better in MKT 3350. The buyer as a problem solver; buying decision processes; factors influencing behavior; principles, theories, and models; behavioral research techniques.

3353. Supply Chain Management (3). Prerequisite: At least a C in MKT 3350. An introduction to principles and practices used today in managing relationships among manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

3356. Marketing Research and Analysis (3). Prerequisites: C or better in MKT 3350 and MATH 2345. Scientific marketing research methods; emphasis on collection, analysis, and interpretation of data as applied to the solution of marketing problems. (Writing Intensive)



4350. Personal Selling (3). Prerequisite: B or better in MKT 3350. Customer-focused selling, including socialization to a career in sales.

4354. Market Promotion (3). Prerequisite: C or better in MKT 3350. Management of the promotional mix of advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion. Emphasizes the interaction and coordination of these three elements and relates them to the other components of the firm's marketing strategy.

4356. Brand Management/New Product Development (3). Prerequisite: MKT 3350. Overview of product/brand management and new product development. A mix of theory and actual business application of the theory.

4358. International Marketing (3). Prerequisite: C or better in MKT 3350. A survey of international marketing principles, cultural differences, world markets, and political constraints.

4359. Sales Management (3). Prerequisite: C or better in in MKT 3350. Problems and methods of organization and administration of sales departments, sales operations, sales control, sales promotion, and sales policies.

4370. Logistics Management (3). Prerequisites: 3.2 Texas Tech GPA, B or better in MKT 3350 and 3353 and ISQS 3344. Covers all aspects of business logistics: demand management, customer service, procurement, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and facility management.

4371. Logistics Analytical Methods (3). Prerequisite: 3.2 Texas Tech GPA, B or better in MKT 4370. Introduction to the principal analytical tools and models that are used in logistics along with application of the tools to logistics problems.

4381. Individual Problems in Marketing (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. For students with high academic achievement who are interested in enhancing their degree program by pursuing individual research or study under the guidance of a marketing faculty member.

4382. Internship in Marketing (3). Prerequisites: At least 6 hours of approved marketing courses and approval prior to employment. Internship must include at least 10 consecutive calendar weeks of full-time employment; compensation must be commensurate with the work assignment for the entire internship.

4383. Special Topics in Marketing (3). Prerequisite: C or better in MKT 3350 and consent of instructor. Examination of specialized problems in such topics as working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital, commodity and financial future investment, and small business finance. May be repeated once for credit as topic varies.

4385. Marketing Strategy (3). Prerequisite: 9 hours of MKT courses. Explores the field of marketing as it directs the organization's resources to satisfy customers' wants and needs through the exchange of process at a profit to the organization.



5353. Global Supply Chain Management (3). Focuses on the critical role of global supply chain management (SCM) in the energy industry. Sourcing, information management, transportation, government regulations, and other issues must all be balanced to deliver customer value effectively.

5355. Research Design (3). An in-depth examination of measurement issues, including latent constructs and data-gathering procedures in marketing.

5358. Business-to-Business Marketing (3). Prerequisite: MKT 5360. Designed to provide an overview of the many diverse facets of business-to-business marketing. Specific topics include selling to large businesses, buyer-seller relationships, supply-chain management, strategic alliances, and the effect of the Internet on business-to-business marketing.

5359. Individual Study in Marketing I (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Directed individual study of advanced marketing problems varying with the need of the particular student. May be repeated for credit if subject matter is different.

5360. Marketing Concepts and Strategies (3). Examines marketing functions, the institutions which perform them, and the study of marketing planning, strategy, and tactics. Includes the organization, execution, and control of the marketing effort.

5361. Marketing Administration (3). Prerequisite: MKT 5360. A study of marketing planning and strategic issues related to the marketing effort.

5364. Services Marketing (3). Prerequisite: MKT 5360. Designed to provide an overview of the basic functions, theoretical concepts, and terminology of the marketing of services to consumers and businesses.

5382. Internship in Marketing (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Permits students to enhance their knowledge within their field of specialization through application of concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom.



6300. Colloquium in Marketing (3). Studies in selected areas of marketing. Topics vary by semester. May be repeated for credit.

6310. Advanced Topics in Marketing (3). Seminar covering current issues in marketing. Topics vary by semester. May be repeated for credit.

6320. Advanced Topics in Marketing Research (3). Seminar covering current issues in marketing research. Topics vary by semester. May be repeated for credit.

6350. Theory Building and Testing (3). Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing. Designed to provide an introduction to the research process as it applies to business disciplines.

6353. Marketing Theory (3). Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing and consent of instructor. A philosophy of science approach to the study of marketing theory and the components of marketing theory: hypotheses, law-like generalizations, empirical regularities, laws, models, and scientific explanations.

6354. Marketing Strategy (3). Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing and consent of instructor. Designed to examine issues regarding marketing strategy, its formulation, and its implementation.

6355. Theory Testing (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. A survey of quantitative methods for and issues in the analysis of marketing data.

6356. Consumer Behavior Seminar (3). Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing. A survey of the major re-search being carried out in consumer behavior.

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