Horn Professors

Henry Shine, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1968

Robert J. Baker, Biological Sciences, 1979

William J. Conover, Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 1981

Shelby D. Hunt, Marketing, 1983

David B. Knaff, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1987

Kishor C. Mehta, Civil Engineering, 1991

Sankar Chatterjee, Museum Science and Geosciences, 1994

Kenneth Ketner, Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, 1999

Stefan Estreicher, Physics, 2000

William Westney, Music, 2001

Peter Westfall, Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 2002

Loretta Bradley, Educational Psychology, 2003

Greg McKenna, Chemical Engineering, 2005

Sunanda Mitra, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2005

Michael Galyean, Animal and Food Sciences, 2006

James Watkins, Architecture, 2006

William R. Casto, Law, 2007

Eileen Johnson, Museum Science, 2007

W. David Nes, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2007

David Larmour, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2008

Linda Allen, Mathematics and Statistics, 2010

Sindee Simon, Chemical Engineering, 2010

Victoria Sutton, Law, 2010

Bruce Clarke, English, 2011

Thomas Knight, Agricultural and Applied Economics, 2012

Hongxing Jiang, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2013

William Hase, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2014

Jingyu Lin, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2014

Guigen Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2015

Andreas Neuber, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2015

Brian D . Shannon, Law, 2015