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Teaching Faculty (Date following departmental affiliation indicates calendar year of first emoloyment.)

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Emeritus Faculty and Administrative Officers

(to Emeritus Faculty and Administrative Officers)

The title “Emeritus” may be conferred as recognition for long and faithful service or for very distinguished service to the institution. Members of the faculty with rank of professor or associate professor at retirement may be given emeritus appointments provided they have completed at least 10 years of service at Texas Tech University or have been recommended on the basis of “very distinguished service.” Administrative officers in major positions at the time of retirement from administrative duties may be considered for emeritus appointments.



Horn Professors
(Date following departmental affiliation indicates calendar year of Horn Professorship appointment.)

(to Horn Professors)

Horn Professorships—the highest honor the university may bestow on members of its faculty—are granted to professors of international or national distinction for outstanding teaching, research, or other creative achievement. The first four appointments were made in 1967 and were named in honor of Texas Tech’s first president, Paul Whitfield Horn.