Teaching Faculty – D

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D'Amico, Stefano, Professor of History, 1999.
M.A., U. degli Studi di Milano (Itlay), Istituto di Storia Medievale e Moderna, 1988; Ph.D., 1993.

D'Auria, John C., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2013.
B.Sc., California (Davis), 1996; M.Sc. Michigan, 1999; Ph.D., 2002.

Dabbert, C. Brad, Professor of Natural Resources Management, Burnett Foundation Professorship in Quail Ecology, 1996.
B.S., Oklahoma State, 1989; M.S., Arkansas, 1991; Ph.D., Oklahoma State, 1995.

Dahl, Johannes M.L., Assistant Professor of Geosciences, 2013.
M.S., Free U. of Berlin (Germany), 2007; Ph.D., Ludwig Maximilians (Germany), 2010.

Dalbin, Frederic, Instructor in Architecture, 2013.
Diploma D'Architecte, DESA Ecole Speciale d'Architecture (France), 1983.

Dallas, Timothy, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1999.
B.A., Chicago, 1991; M.S., Texas Tech, 1993; Ph.D., 1996; Licensed Prof. Engr. (Texas).

Darwish, M. Mukaddes, Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction, 1999.
B.S., Atatürk (Turkey), 1978; M.S., Texas Tech, 1991; Ph.D., 1998.

Dasgupta, Purnendu Kumar, Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1981.
B.Sc., Burdwan (India), 1968; M.Sc., 1970; Ph.D., Louisiana State, 1977.

Dass, Mayukh, Associate Professor of Marketing, 2008.
B.A., Nagpur (India), 2000; M.S., Georgia, 2003; M.S., 2007; Ph.D., 2008.

Davis, Gordon W., Adjunct Faculty in Animal and Food Sciences, 2006.
B.S., Washington State, 1969. M.S., Texas A&M, 1974, Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1977.

Davis, James Theron, Associate Professor of Architecture, 1982.
B.F.A., Southern Mississippi, 1966; M.A.Ed., 1972; M.F.A., Mississippi, 1981.

Davis, Tyler, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, 2013.
B.S., York Coll. of Pennsylvania, 2005; M.A., Texas, 2007; Ph.D., 2010.

Davison, Rob, Assistant Professor of Management, 2014.
B.S., Clarkson, 1978; M.S., 1979; M.B.A., Harvard, 1988; Ph.D., Michigan State, 2012.

Dawson, Christopher, Major, U.S. Army, Assistant Professor of Military Science, 2014.
B.A., Ohio State, 1993.

Dawson, John, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences, 2014.
B.S., Iowa, 2005; Ph.D. Wisconsin, 2012.

de Farias, Ismael R., Jr., Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, 2008.
B.Sc., Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 1984; M.Sc., 1990; Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 1995.

Deahl, Lora Ching, Professor of Music, 1973.
Mus.B., Oberlin Conservatory of Music, 1972; M.M., Indiana, 1975; D.M.A., Texas, 1988.

Dean, William Frank, Associate Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media and Public Relations, 1971.
B.B.A., Texas Tech, 1961; M.Ed., 1965; Ed.D., 1971.

Deb, Sanjit, Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Science, 2015.
B.S., Bangladesh Agricultural, 1996; M.S., Asian Institute of Tech. (Thailand), 2000; Ph.D., Tokyo (Japan), 2006.

DeCesaro, Genevieve Durham, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance, 2004.
B.F.A., Southwestern, 1997; M.A., Texas Woman's, 2002; M.F.A., 2004.

Decker, James, Associate Professor of Music, 2006.
B.M., Julliard, 1982; M.M., 1983; M.A., Lehman Coll., 1987.

Dees, David Andrew, Professor of Music, 1999.
B.M., North Texas, 1989; M.M., Northwestern, 1991.

Dees, Jenny, Adjunct Instructor in Music, 2000.
B.M.Ed., Oklahoma, 1998.

Delgadillo, Francisco, Associate Professor of Practice in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 2004,
B.S., Notre Dame, 1985; M.B.A., Texas Tech, 1991; Ph.D., 2004.

Dell, D.Marin G., Associate Law Librarian, Electronic and Instruction Services, 2015.
B.A., Tampa, 1990; B.S., South Florida, 1997; J.D., California Western, 2002; M.L.I.S., 2005; Spec.L.I.S, 2007; M.S.M.I.S, Florida State, 2010.

Delucia, Patricia R., Professor of Psychological Sciences, 1991.
B.A., Adelphi, 1983; M.A., Columbia, 1986; Ph.D., 1989.

DeMaso, Stephen J., Adjunct Faculty in Natural Resources Management, 2005.
B.S., Michigan State, 1989; M.S., Texas A&M (Kingsville), 1991.

Dempsey, Jared P., Assistant Professor of Community, Family, and Addiction Services, 2013.
B.A., California State (Long Beach), 2002; M.A., Texas Tech, 2004; Ph.D., 2007.

den Bakker, Hendrik, Assistant Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 2014.
M.S., Leiden (the Netherlands), 1999; Ph.D., 2005.

Dennis, Jody, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2006.
B.S., Lubbock Christian, 1998; M.Ed., 2001.

Densmore, Llewellyn D. III, Professor of Biological Sciences, 1985.
B.S., Houston, 1975; M.S., 1977; Ph.D., Louisiana State U. School of Medicine, 1981.

Dent, Karl D., Professor of Music, 1995.
B.M.Ed., Centenary Coll., 1976; M.M., North Texas, 1983.

Desens, Marliss, Associate Professor of English, 1995.
B.A., California (Los Angeles), 1978; M.A., 1980; Ph.D., 1989.

Dever, Jane K., Adjunct Faculty in Plant and Soil Science, 2008.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1983; M.S., 1986; Ph.D., 1989.

Dhurandhar, Emily, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Sport Management, 2016.
B.S., Michigan State, 2006; Ph.D., Louisiana State, 2011.

Dhurandhar, Nikhil V., Chairperson and Professor of Nutritional Sciences, 2014.
B.Sc., Bombay, (India), 1980; L.C.E.H., Court of Examiners in Homoeopathy (India), 1983; M.S., North Dakota State, 1988; Ph.D. Bombya (India), 1992.

Diamond-Tissue, Sandra, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, 2000.
B.Sc., McGill (Canada), 1981; Ph.D., North Carolina State, 1999.

Dickens, James, Thornton Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1999.
B.S.E.E., Texas Tech, 1991; M.S.E.E., 1993, Ph.D., 1995; Licensed Prof. Engr. (Texas).

Dickens, Molly, Instructor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2002.
B.F.A, Texas Tech, 1991; M.S., 1995; Ph.D., 2002.

Dickerson, Darby, Dean and W. Frank Newton Professor of Law, 2011.
B.A., Col. of William and Mary, 1984; M.A., 1985; J.D., Vanderbilt, 1988.

Dingus, Phillip Rick, Professor of Art, 1982.
B.A., California (Santa Barbara), 1973; M.A., New Mexico, 1977; M.F.A., 1981.

Dini, Michael Lawrence, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, 1992.
B.S., St. Mary's Coll. of Calif., 1977; Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1989.

Di Poppa, Francesca, Associate Professor of Philosophy, 2006.
B.A., U. of Pisa (Italy), 1994; M.A., Pittsburgh, 2000; Ph.D., 2006.

Dixon, Craig, Instructor in Architecture, 2012.
B.S., Texas Tech, 2007; M.Arch., 2010, M.B.A., 2010.

Dodd, Sara. L., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the College of Human Sciences, 2009.
B.A., Abilene Christian, 1980; M.S., Texas Tech, 1994; Ph.D., 2009

Dodd, Tim, Associate Dean of Operations, College of Human Sciences; Professor of Hospitality and Retail Management, 1995.
B.Ed., Waikato, 1981; M.B.A., Texas Tech, 1991; Ph.D., 1994.

Doerfert, David L., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2002.
B.S., Wisconsin (River Falls), 1982; M.S., Ohio State, 1989; Ph.D., 1989.

Dolter, Gerald, Professor of Music, 1996.
B.M., Indiana, 1978; M.A., 1980.

Dometrius, Nelson Charles, Professor of Political Science, 1978.
A.B., Redlands, 1969; M.A., San Diego State, 1974; Ph.D., North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1979.

Donahue, Linda, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance, 1997.
B.A., Texas (Pan American), 1970; M.A., Texas Tech, 1974; Ph.D., 1992.

Donaldson, Jeanne, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2013.
B.S., Florida, 2006; M.S., Florida Inst. of Tech., 2008; Ph.D., Florida, 2011.

Dooley, Kim E., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2002.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1984; M.Ed., 1987; Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1995.

Dotray, Peter A., Leidigh Professor of Plant and Soil Science, 1993.
B.S., Minnesota, 1986; M.S., Washington State, 1989; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1993.

Dotson, Wesley Howard, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2011.
B.A., Oklahoma, 1998; M.A., Kansas, 2007; Ph.D., 2010.

Dowd, Scot E., Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences, 2010.
B.S., Texas (El Paso), 1994; M.S., 1996; Ph.D., Arizona, 2000.

Drager, Lance D., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1983.
B.A., Minnesota, 1972; M.A., Brandeis, 1973; Ph.D., 1978.

Dragga, Sam A., Jr., Professor of English, 1989.
B.A., Dayton, 1972; M.A., Ohio, 1976; Ph.D., 1982.

Drake, Wendy, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2010,
B.S. Texas Tech, 1997; M.Ed., 2001.

Drawe, D. Lynn, Adjunct Faculty in Natural Resources Management, 1976.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1964; M.S., Texas Tech, 1967; Ph.D., Utah State, 1971.

Drigalenko, Irina, Instructor in Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2013.
M.A., Texas Tech,1996. M.A., Tomsk State (Russia), 1984.

Driskill, David A., Associate Professor of Architecture, 1987.
B.Arch., Texas Tech, 1971; M.Arch., Catholic U. of America, 1973; Reg. Arch. NCARB. (Texas); Reg. Interior Designer (Texas).

Dromgoole, Darrell A., Adjunct Faculty in Agricultural Education and Communications, 2007.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1984; M.Ed., Texas Tech, 1994; Ed.D., Texas Tech and Texas A&M, 2007.

D'Sauza, Cynthia M., Assistant Professor of Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies, 2014.
B.A., Wesleyan Coll., 2006; M.S., Texas Tech, 2010; Ph.D., 2013.

Du, Dongping, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, 2015.
B.S., China U. of Mining and Tech., 2008; M.Sc., 2010; M.Sc., South Florida, 2012; Ph.D., 2015.

Duemer, Lee S., Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2000.
B.A., Rockford Coll., 1990; M.A., Pittsburgh, 1993; Ph.D., 1996.

Duffy, Ali, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance, 2009.
B.A., North Carolina, 2001 (Charlotte); M.F.A., North Carolina (Greensboro), 2009.

Duhan, Dale F., Professor of Marketing, 1990.
B.B.A., Kansas State, 1973; M.B.A., 1975; Ph.D., Oregon, 1984.

Duke, Cheryl L., Lecturer in English, 1984.
B.A., McMurry, 1976; M.A., Texas Tech, 1983.

Duke, Lynn, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2002.
B.S., North Texas, 1970; M.Ed., 1993.

Duncan, Robert V., Senior Vice President of Research, Professor of Physics, 2014.
B.S., MIT, 1982; Ph.D., California (Santa Barbara), 1988.

Dunham, Charlotte, Associate Professor of Sociology, 1989.
B.S., Wyoming, 1981; M.A., 1983; Ph.D., Southern California, 1989.

Dunn, Jennifer L., Professor of Sociology, 2012.
B.A., Sonoma State, 1993; M.A., California (Davis), 1995; Ph.D., 1999.

Duran, Catherine A., Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Instructor in Business Administration, 1999.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1979; M.S., Texas Tech HSC, 1984; M.B.A., Texas Tech, 1989; Ph.D., 1998.

Duras, Jan, Assistant Professor of Economics, 2015.
M.S., Comenius (Slovakia), 2002; M.A., CERGE-EI (Czech Republic), 2008; M.A., Minnesota, 2013. Ph.D., 2014.

Durrett, John R., Associate Professor of Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 1997.
B.B.A., West Texas A&M, 1991; M.B.A., 1993; Ph.D., Texas, 1999.

Dwyer, Jeremiah, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2003.
B.A., National U. of Ireland, 1980; M.Sc., 1982; Ph.D., 1986.

Dye, Keith G., Associate Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts; Professor of Music, 2006.
B.M.Ed., Morningside Coll., 1979; M.A., West Texas State, 1985; Ed.D.C.T., Columbia, 2007.