Teaching Faculty – L

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Lacerda, Carla M. R., Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering, 2013.
B.S., Federal U. of Viçosa (Brazil), 2002; Ph.D., Colorado State, 2008.

Ladeira, Antonio, Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2002.
Licenciatura, U. Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), 1992; Ph.D., California (Santa Barbara), 1999.

Lamp, David, Associate Professor of Physics, 1988.
B.G.S., Missouri, 1979; Ph.D., 1984.

Lan, William Yun, Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 1990.
B.Ed., Shanghai Normal (China), 1982; M.A., Iowa, 1988; Ph.D., 1990.

Landes, Roger, Adjunct Instructor in Music, 2014.
B.A., Missouri, 1982; M.M. Texas Tech, 2012.

Lang, Susan, Professor of English, 1999.
B.A., Ohio State, 1987; M.A., 1989; Ph.D., Emory, 1992.

Langford, Catherine L., Associate Professor of Communication Studies, 2004.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1997; M.A., 2000; Ph.D., Penn State, 2005.

Lanier, Mark, Adjunct Professor of Law, 2013.
B.A., Lipscomb Coll., 1981; J.D., Texas Tech, 1984.

Larmour, David H. J., Horn Professor, 1987.
B.A., Queen's-Belfast (N. Ireland), 1982; M.A., Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1984; Ph.D., 1987.

Lascano, R. J., Adjunct Faculty in Plant and Soil Science, 1986.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1974; M.S., 1977; Ph.D., 1982.

Lastrapes, Jeffrey, Associate Professor of Music, 2008.
B.M., Curtis Institute, 1996; M.M., Julliard, 1998.

Latham, Michael P., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2015.
B.S., Hampden-Sydney Coll., 1999; Ph.D., Colorado, 2008.

Lauderdale, Mitzi K., Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning, 2001.
B.S., Texas Tech, 2001; M.S., 2004; J.D., 2005.

Laverie, Debra, Professor of Marketing; Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Business; Minnie Piper Stevens Professor; Senior Associate Dean, Rawls College of Business, 1995.
B.A., St. Mary's Coll., M.B.A., Notre Dame, 1987; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1995.

Lavigne, Donald, Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2005.
B.A., Catholic U. of America, 1996; M.A., Texas Tech, 1998; Ph.D., Stanford, 2005.

Lawit, John W., Adjunct Professor of Law, 2014.
B.A., New Mexico, 1972; J.D., New Hampshire, 1977.

Lawson, William D., Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, 2006.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1982; M.S., 1984; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 2004; Licensed. Prof. Engr. (Texas).

Lawver, David E., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 1989.
B.S., Missouri (Columbia), 1977; M.Ed., 1983; Ed.D., Mississippi State, 1988.

Lay, Melanie, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2012.
B.S., Texas Tech, 2004; M.Ed., Wayland Baptist, 2010.

Lay, Lowell, Instructor in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 2008.
B.B.A., Texas (Permian Basin), 1975; M.B.A., 1984.

Le, Khanh Cong, Adjunct Faculty in Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 1997.
B.A., Law School of Saigon U. (Vietnam), 1967; M.A., National Inst. of Administration (Vietnam), 1970.

Leaverton, Michael, Instructor in Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, 2007.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1984; M.S., California (Berkeley), 1989; Licensed Prof. Engr. (California)

Ledet, Arne, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2002.
M.S., Copenhagen (Denmark), 1991; Ph.D, 1996.

Lee, Aie-Rie, Professor of Political Science, 1989.
B.A., Ewha Womans (Korea), 1978; M.A., 1982; Ph.D., Florida State, 1989.

Lee, Edward Jongyoon, Instructor in Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2012.
B.S. Virginia, 2005; Ph.D., 2011.

Lee, Jeffrey A., Interim Chairperson and Professor of Geosciences, 1988.
B.A., California (Los Angeles), 1979; M.A., 1984; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1990.

Lee, Jeffrey M., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1990.
B.S., Brigham Young, 1982; M.A., California (Los Angeles), 1984; Ph.D., 1987.

Lee, Sung Won, Associate Professor of Physics, 2006.
B.S., Daegu (Korea), 1993; M.S., Kyungpook National (Korea), 1995; Ph.D., Glasgow (United Kingdom), 2000.

Lee, Sun Young, Assistant Professor of Public Relations, 2012,
B.A., Ewha Women's U. (Korea), 2005; M.A., Georgia, 2007; Ph.D., North Carolina, 2012.

Legacey, Erin-Marie, Assistant Professor of History, 2012.
B.A., Guleph (Canada), 2002; M.A., Queen's U. (Canada), 2004; Ph.D., Northwestern, 2011.

Lehman, Thomas M., Professor of Geosciences, 1985.
B.S., New Mexico, 1978; M.A., Texas, 1982; Ph.D., 1985.

Lektzian, David. Associate Professor of Political Science, 2007.
B.A., Central Michigan, 1992; M.A., Michigan State, 1998; Ph.D., 2003.

Lesley, Mellinee, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, 2002.
B.A., Iowa, 1988; M.A., New Mexico State, 1990; Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1998.

Levario, Miguel A., Associate Professor of History, 2007.
B.A., Notre Dame, 1999; M.A., Stanford, 2001; Ph.D., Texas, 2007.

LeVering, Kate, Adjunct Faculty in Natural Resources Management, 2003.
B.S., Occidental Coll., 1994; Ph.D., Texas, 2000.

Leverington, David M., Associate Professor of Geosciences, 2005.
B.A., Ottawa (Canada), 1992; M.S., 1995; Ph.D., Manitoba (Canada), 2001.

Levine, Adam S., Adjunct Professor of Law, 2014.
B.A., Lehigh, 1988; M.D., Albany Medical Coll., 1992; J.D., Stetson, 2009.

Lewis, David J., Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, 2006.
B.S., Southern California, 1980; M.B.A., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, 1995; M.A., Naval War Coll., 2003.

Lewis, Ira Wayne, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1977.
B.S., Houston, 1972; M.S., Texas A&M, 1974; Ph.D., Texas, 1977.

Lewis, Katie, Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Science, 2014.
B.S., Sam Houston State, 2008; M.S., Texas A&M, 2010; Ph.D., 2014.

Li, Changzhi, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009.
B.S., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, (China), 2004; M.S. University of Florida, 2007; Ph.D., 2009.

Li, Guigen, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1997.
B.S., People's Republic of China, 1984; M.S., 1987; Ph.D., Arizona, 1995.

Li, Wei, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, 2014.
B.S. Wuhan U. (China), 1999; M.S., Toronto (Canada), 2005; Ph.D., 2010.

Li, Xu, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Retail Management, 2013.
B.A., Xi'an International Studies U. (China), 1998; M.S., Shaanxi Normal U. (China), 2001; Ph.D., Central Florida, 2013.

Liang, Daan, Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, 2004.
B.Eng., Tianjin (China), 1997; M.S., Buffalo (New York), 1999; Ph.D., 2001; Licensed Prof. Engr. (Texas).

Lichti, Roger L., Chairperson and Professor of Physics, 1979.
B.S., Ottawa (Kansas), 1967; M.S., Illinois, 1969; Ph.D., 1972.

Lie, Donald Y.C., Keh-Shew Lu Regents Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Surgery, Texas Tech HSC, 2007.
B.S.E.E. National Taiwan U., 1987; M.S.E.E., Cal. Inst. of Tech., 1990; Ph.D., 1995.

Liebl, Rex, Adjunct Faculty in Plant and Soil Science, 2014;
B.S., Florida, 1979; Ph.D., North Carolina State, 1985.

Lievanos, Carlos, Instructor in Architecture, 2013.
B.Arch., Texas Tech, 1997.

Lillian, Todd D., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 20l0.
B.S., Brigham Young, 2004; M.S., 2007; Ph.D., Michigan, 2010.

Lim, Sunho, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, 2009.
B.S., Hankuk Aviation U. (Korea), 1996; M.S., 1998; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State, 2005.

Lin, Jingyu, Horn Professor and Linda F. Whitacre Endowed Chair, 2008.
B.S., SUNY (Oneonta), 1983; M.S. Syracuse, 1985; Ph.D., 1989.

Lin, Mei–Fang, Associate Professor of Music, 2008.
B.M., National Taiwan Normal U., 1996; M.M., Illinois (Urbana-Champagne), 2000; Composition Diploma, Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse, Blanc-mesnil, France, 2005; Ph.D., California, (Berkley), 2007.

Lin, Zhangxi, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, 1999.
M. Eng., Tsinghua (China), 1982; M.S. Texas, 1996; Ph.D., 1999.

Lindner, James R., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2002.
B.S., Auburn, 1989; M.B.A., Auburn, 1992; Ph.D., Ohio State, 2000.

Lindquist, Carol S., Assistant Professor of Practice of Sociology, 2015.
B.A., Stony Brook, 1991; M.A., 1999; Ph.D., 2011.

Lindquist, W. Brent, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Mathematics, 2014.
B. Sc., Manitoba (Canada), 1975; Ph.D., Cornell, 1981.

Lindsay, David, Associate Professor of Art, 2005.
B.F.A., Utah State, 2000; M.F.A., Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, 2004.

Lindsey, Mary Ann, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2012.
B.S., Baylor Coll. of Dentistry, 1978; M.Ed., Texas Tech, 1990; M.Ed., Lubbock Christian, 2007.

Lischka, Hans Research Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2011.
Ph.D., U. of Vienna (Austria), 1969.

Little, Todd, Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2013.
B.A., California (Riverside), 1983; Ph.D., 1988.

Littlefield, Andrew K., Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, 2013.
B.A., Missouri (Columbia), 2005; B.S., 2005; M.A., 2008; Ph.D., 2013.

Liu, Hongchao, Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, 2004.
B.S.C.E., Hebei U. of Tech. (China), 1990; M.S.C.E., Tsinghua (China), 1996; Ph.D., Tokyo (Japan), 2000.

Liu, Shaorong, Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2002.
B.Sc., Huazhong Normal (China), 1982; M.Engineering, Peking (China), 1985; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 1995.

Lochbaum, Marc R., Professor of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences, 2000.
B.S., Illinois, 1991; M.S., North Carolina (Greensboro), 1993; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1998.

Lock, Robin H., Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research, College of Education; Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 1996.
B.S., Texas, 1976; M.Ed., 1981; Ph.D., 1985.

Lockwood, Stephanie, Assistant Professor of Practice of Biological Sciences, 2012.
B.S., Eastern New Mexico, 2003; M.S., 2006; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 2011.

Lodhi, Mohammad Arfin Khan, Research Professor of Physics, 1963.
B.S., Hons. Karachi (Pakistan), 1952; M.S., D.I.C., Imperial Coll. (United Kingdom), 1960; Ph.D., London (United Kingdom), 1963.

Loewy, Arnold H., George R. Killam Jr. Chair of Criminal Law, 2006.
B.S., Boston, 1961; J.D., Boston, 1963; LL.M., Harvard, 1964. Admitted to practice in Connecticut.

Loneragan, Guy H., Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 2003.
B.V.Sc., Sydney (Australia), 1994; M.S., Colorado State, 1998; Ph.D., 2001.

Long, Kevin, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2007.
B.S., Maryland, 1986; Ph.D., Princeton, 1991.

Longing, Scott, Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Science, 2012.
B.S., Arkansas State, 1996; M.S., Arkansas, 2002; Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2006.

Lopez, Armando R., Assistant Professor of Economics, 2012.
B.A., Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico), 1998; M.A., California (Santa Barbara), 2002; Ph.D., 2009.

Lopez, Frank R., Associate Professor of Law, 2001.
B.B.A., Texas, 1984; J.D., California (Berkeley); 1990. Admitted to practice in Texas and California.

López-Benitez, Noé, Associate Professor of Computer Science, 1993.
B.S., Guadalajara (Mexico), 1976; M.S., Kentucky, 1980; Ph.D., Purdue, 1989.

Louden, Elizabeth I., Professor of Architecture, 1989.
B.Arch., Texas Tech, 1987; M.Arch., 1989; Ph.D., New York, 2007.

Louis, Dave, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2013.
B.A., Morehouse Coll., 1995; M.Ed., Harvard, 1998; Ph.D., Texas A&M, 2005.

Low, Lisa, Assistant Professor of Practice in Public Relations, 2015. B.A., Park, 1994; M.B.A., Baker, 2000.

Lowe, Laura, Associate Professor of Social Work, 2004.
B.A., Texas Tech, 1999; M.S.W., Georgia, 1996; Ph.D., 2004.

Lowry, Kent, Instructor in Advertising, 2012.
B.A., Ohio State, 1984; M.A., Texas Tech, 2012.

Lumpkin, Angela, Chairperson and Professor of In Kinesiology and Sport Management, 2014.
B.S.E., Arkansas, 1971; M.A., Ohio State, 1972; Ph.D., 1974; M.B.A., North Carolina, 1989.

Luo, Yi, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, 2014.
B.A., Huazhong U. of Science and Tech. (China), 2002; M.L.A., Utah State, 2007; Ph.D., Texas A&M, 2014.

Luo, Yunjuan, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media, 2011.
B.A., Hunan, 2000; M.A., Nanyang Technological, 2004; Ph.D., Indiana, 2011.

Lyford, Conrad, Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 2001.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1988; M.S., 1991; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1998.

Lynn, Quepha, Instructor in Accounting, 2002.
B.S., North Texas, 1988; M.S., 1988.

Lyte, Mark, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Joint Faculty in Microbiology and Immunology; Adjunct Faculty in Animal and Food Sciences; Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences, 2007.
B.S., Fairleigh Dickinson, 1976; M.S., Weizmann Inst. of Science (Israel), 1979; Ph.D., 1983.