Texas Tech University

Fall 2020 Admission

In compliance with Texas Education Code, Section 51.805 (d), universities are required to publish factors considered in making admission decisions a minimum of one year before the date that the applications for admission are first considered. New admission requirements for students applying for the Fall 2020 semester and beyond, are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@ttu.edu or 806.742.1480.

Assured Admission for Fall 2020

You are assured admission if you are graduating from an accredited high school and present the required combination of high school class rank and college entrance test scores indicated below.

Class Rank Test Scores*  
Top 10% No minimum  
First Quarter
(excluding top 10%)
24 1180                                        
Second Quarter 26 1240
Third Quarter 27 1280
Fourth Quarter Application Review  

*ACT composite score; SAT reflects evidence-based reading and writing, and math; The highest section scores from multiple tests on the ACT and SAT will be used to maximize score. Assured admission is granted to all students who hold competitive scholarships awarded by an official Texas Tech University scholarship committee.

Admission Review

We expect students to be academically prepared for success as students at Texas Tech; therefore, we specifically consider academic performance, standardized test scores and educational preparation. Additional information used to evaluate a student's potential for success includes:

Academic Rigor*
Extracurricular activities
Leadership experiences
Civic or other service activities
Socioeconomic background
Family educational background
Special talents or awards
Diversity of experience and background

If you do not meet the assured admission requirements, we strongly encourage you to respond to essay topics A and/or B on the ApplyTexas application and submit up to three letters of recommendation. Click here for tips on writing your essay.

*Texas Tech University values high school students who push themselves, are intellectually curious and are interested in learning. We understand and appreciate that a greater number of students are engaged in rigorous, college-level coursework such as Honors, AP or IB courses. Because we believe that these experiences can elevate the high school experience, it is our policy to make academic rigor a factor in consideration for admission to Texas Tech. Students are expected to perform well in these and all other courses in high school in order to demonstrate their college readiness.