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12 Steps for Scheduling Registration

(Updated as of 7/22/2011)

You Are Ready! Now that you’ve gone through some important elements of preparing for scheduling and registration with your advisor, you are ready to move forward. The following steps are provided to help make the final piece of the process as painless as possible.

Get Online

STEP 1 - Show Up & Log In

Your advisor will direct you to any of several available public computer labs that are convenient to you. To find and register for your classes, you will need:

  • the list of courses approved by your advisor
  • your eRaider ID and password
  • your advising guide
  • a pencil or pen
  • your catalog (We’ll be using your printed copy for today)

Note: The official university catalog is also available online from the TTU home page at www.ttu.edu ... then click on “Current Students” link ... then click on the “Catalogs & Course Descriptions” link.

Follow these steps to log in to the online system.

  1. Go to the TTU home page at www.ttu.edu.
  2. Click on “Current Students” link.
  3. Click on “Raiderlink” link and then log in using your eRaider.
  4. Click on the “MyTech” tab to find the relevant information for registration.

If you are having difficulty with logging in, call 806-742-HELP immediately. While they work on assisting you with the eRaider situation, you can still look up courses online by using the Condensed Course Search Application. Click HERE to use the CCSA.

Get It Together

STEP 2 - Check your Registration Status

You can have the perfect schedule, but if you have Registration Holds or are without a Time Ticket, it won't do you any good. Your assigned academic advisor is the only person authorized to issue a Time Ticket to you. Holds will prevent you from registering and can only be resolved by the office that created them. Follow these steps to make certain you are ready to register:

  • In Raiderlink click on the MyTech (for Students) tab.
  • Click on the Registration Status link.
  • If you find any holds, write each one down and then contact the appropriate office to discuss what needs to be done.
  • If you don't see a message (Time Ticket) telling you the time you can begin registering, check immediately with your assigned academic advisor.

STEP 3 - Check for Transfer Credit

Now that you are logged in, take a moment to quickly scan this page as you will use it numerous times every semester. In the “Student Services” window click the “Academic Transcript” link to check if you have any hours transferring.

Once the new window pops up, click “Submit” to view all your transcripts.

Be sure the courses you are considering are not the same as any of the courses for which you have already earned credit and/or are transferring to TTU. If they are, then mark those courses off your list of possibilities so you don’t take the same course twice.

STEP 4 - Select Some Courses

Review the course options your advisor recommended during the department session. Study the handouts the advisor gave you. Now make an "Options List" with you will consider when you sit down to register.

  1. Start with the list that was approved by your advisor. Mark off the ones you have already taken.
  2. Look at www.advising.ttu.edu/students and click on the link for the Two Year Plans.
    Begin to think about the next few semesters as you select course options.
  3. Run an unofficial "Degree Audit" for your current (or future) program from the "Student Services" window in "Raiderlink." Examine the course requirements for your program to get an idea for what will be needed.

At this point, do not focus on scheduling it all to work together, as tempting as that may be. Focus on making a list of classes you actually need; then prioritize the ones you really want. Always keep your back-up list of alternate courses in case you are unable to register for your first-choice classes.

STEP 5 - Check the Catalog

Look up each class (or category from the University Core Curriculum) on your Options List. For example, look under the English Department section for ENGL 1301. Be sure to read both the general description of the department and the specific course descriptions.

Look for any notes about prerequisite courses (those you must have completed before you are eligible for this next course), co-requisite courses (those that must be taken together in the same semester), and other important information. If you have trouble finding anything in particular, try finding it in the Index, which is at the very end of catalog. You may find that a specific classification is a prerequisite, a specific college level grade point average is needed, or a specific score on an exam is required for the course you wish to take.

STEP 6 - Build a Schedule

Begin with a blank copy of the Schedule Planning Worksheet (last pages of this Advising Guide). The top portion helps you organize the "Options List" we created earlier. The grid at the bottom helps ensure you don't choose sections that overlap with one another. Before you start planning your schedule, take some time to learn how to read the information in Raiderlink.

Find Open Course Sections

The Raiderlink application walks you through selecting a department and course number, to leave you with a brief list of the info you need. You can also filter by earliest start time, latest end time, days the class meets, etc. This is all very handy for finding a class that fits the open slots in your weekly schedule. In the examples below you can see how to access this tool in Raiderlink as well as the layout for searching for courses. The current example will search for all sections of English 1302.

Here's What You Need!

All versions of the open course listings online will tell you the name of the course, the course number, the course section (a subdivision of the course), the times the course is being offered, the building in which the class will meet, the all important course reference number (CRN), and sometimes the instructor of the course.

Be sure to write down three pieces at least: Course Number, Section Number, and Course reference number (CRN). You will need these, especially the CRN, to register. When you buy books, however, you will need the other information as well. To be safe, fill in all of the blanks on the worksheet. Most of the time, however, the class will simply be referred to by course number and section number.

Watch Out for Linked Courses

If you want to register for Professor Dumbledore’s large Lecture (SPLS 1301-001), and a Discussion (SPLS 1301-501) or Lab (SPLS 1101-701) is required, Raiderlink is committed to make certain you don’t accidentally register for the Lab led by Professor Muggle. (It might be interesting, but probably wouldn't help you prepare for Dr. D’s exam, would it?)

These are known as "Linked" courses. Most only have one link, but some courses require Lecture, Lab, Discussion, and Recitation. Check each course on your "Options List" using the Schedule Search Tool or the Linked Section Search Tool in the Registration window on Raiderlink.

Make certain you have the 2, 3, or sometimes 4 CRN numbers you need. Why? Because Raiderlink requires you to enter all CRNs at the same time to experience the magic.

Other Helpful Resources for Scheduling

You can view actual student evaluations of instructors, along with a summary of grades earned in previous semesters. So, if you’re looking for an across the board student perspective on any particular instructor, or are trying to achieve a particular GPA, we recommend www.advising.ttu.edu/reportcard.

Get Current

STEP 7 - Update Contact Information

The university requires that students maintain good contact information and ensure that channels of communication are open for the information that the institution may need to get to you.

Reminders about payments, registration deadlines, and academic advising information will go to your official TTU email address (TechMail). You can access TechMail online (mail.ttu.edu) from anywhere. Log in with your eRaider and password.

This said, if your instructor or academic advisor needs to connect with you urgently, your cell phone number is generally a much better way to reach you at any given moment. This makes updating your phone numbers very important to you. Here’s how:

This is all done in the “MyTech” tab in Raiderlink:

  1. Click on the “Update Addresses and Phones” link.
  2. Choose the type of address from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page and click submit.
  3. Make sure to enter information for all the addresses that are available in the drop down list:
  4. Permanent (your family’s “back home” address)
  5. Local (your address in Lubbock)
  6. Diploma (where you want it mailed if you miss your own graduation ceremony)
  7. Mailing (where all other official mail should be sent)
  8. Enter all numbers where you can be reached.
    • Mobile phone
    • Business or Work phone
    • Student Local (campus or other)
    • Permanent phone (generally “back home”)
  9. Be sure to click the Submit button on the bottom left-hand side just below Phone Number 5 to save the information you entered.

Please review and update this information each semester. You are the only one who can access your information to change it. Remember that, by setting the effective dates on addresses you enter, you can add future address changes as soon as you know a move will be happening.

STEP 8 - Privacy Options

If any of the following items is checked, you have effectively indicated that TTU is not authorized to release that information to any parties outside the university. Please be sure to check the information you want to remain confidential.

Now, without leaving the “Update Addresses and Phones” section of Raiderlink, locate the check box at the bottom of the address section called “Unlisted in Web Directory.”

  • Locate the “Unlisted” boxes to the right of every phone number you enter.
  • If you do not want your information in the TTU student directory, check that box.
  • Click the “Submit” button to save your choices.

STEP 9 - Update Emergency Contacts

  1. Go back to the “MyTech” tab in Raiderlink and click on “Update Emergency Contacts.”
  2. Click on “New Contact” link.
  3. Make sure to enter the following information for your emergency contacts:
    • Order (Priority)
    • Relationship
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • You will need to “Submit Changes” after each contact.

Get Registered

STEP 10 - Register Online

  1. Return to www.raiderlink.ttu.edu .
  2. There, find the “MyTech” tab and click the link “Add or Drop Classes.”
  3. Use the drop down menu to select the term for which you wish to register (i.e. Fall 2009, Spring 2009, etc. Be sure to choose the correct term with TTU in the title).
  4. Now you should be able to enter the Course reference number (CRN)s you looked up earlier, directly on in the boxes marked, one course reference number (CRN) per box. Enter all course reference number (CRN)s, and then click submit. This is far more efficient than the process of entering one course reference number (CRN), and repeating process for each additional entry.
  5. After you click “Submit”, the system should tell if you are enrolled in each course you submitted. If there were any problems, there will be an error message at the top of the page.

    Examples of Possible Errors

  6. Read the information carefully to determine the reason the process was not completed and work through the problem (i.e. the section is full, need to enter a discussion section in conjunction with a lecture section, discussion and lecture entered have matching Group letters, etc.).

STEP 11 - Review & Print Your Schedule

When you have approximately 15 total credit hours that meet your needs, then, before exiting, scroll to the bottom of the page to print your schedule. There are two types of schedules available in Raiderlink: Concise Student Schedule, Detailed Student Schedule, and Week at a Glance.

The “Week at a Glance” view provides general time information for classes in a block format providing a general overview of each hour in a week. This is a helpful way to review your commitments and get a big picture perspective on what your typical week will look like in the coming semester.

The Concise Student Schedule is a MUST HAVE. It contains all of the schedule information, plus room numbers and instructor names. Print it, copy it into your planner, send a copy home, put it into your phone, etc. :)

  1. Click on the Concise Student Schedule link.
  2. Print a copy.
  3. Keep it for your records.

You will want to refer to this copy when reserving your textbooks. You will also want to refer to this copy the first few days of classes until you learn your schedule and where all the buildings and rooms are located.

Get Paid Up

STEP 12 - eBill

Payment can be made electronically via Raiderlink. In the “MyTech” tab, find the link “TTU eBill Make a Payment.”

Payment Dates

  • Review and make notes of the payment due dates
  • Click on the “eBills” link at the top of the page for an account summary.

Payments Tab

  • Review payment history
  • See scheduled payments

Payment Plans

  • Shows payment plan options
  • Link to set up a payment plan

Authorized Users

Students must set up viewing account privileges for parents or others to make payments. This is called a 3rd Party Authorized User. Only you can authorize someone to be a User on your student account. Setting up a 3rd Party Authorized User will allow parent(s) or others of your choice to view the billing statements and or payment history of your account. You, as the student, must select the access you wish each user to have with respect to your billing account.

Do not give them your eRaider and/or password.

Do set them as a third party user.

  1. Enter email address of the person you wish to grant authorization.
  2. Answer both questions about billing statement and payment history.
  3. Click on “Add User”.
  4. Repeat for each person who you wish to grant access. As a 3rd Party Authorized User, they can go into the system (different than your access) and make payments as well as review payments already made.

My Profiles Tab

  • View your personal information.
  • Set a reminder about payment due dates (reminder will be emailed to your TTU email address and to the email of the 3rd Party Authorized User).
  • See any Loans awarded.
  • See Grants awarded.

CAUTION! Students are responsible for ensuring that payment is made. Failure to make payment by the posted due dates will result in the cancellation of your courses.

Be sure to remind Mom and Dad or whoever is paying the bills for tuition and fees of the due dates and check with them a day or two before the due date to ensure payment was made.

Be sure to check the “eBill” link to make sure TTU received and posted any and all payments made.

Get Happy!

You are finished ... congratulations! You are now fully enrolled as a Texas Tech Red Raider. We are proud to have you as a part of this community and eagerly look forward to your academic success.

As a new student at Texas Tech, you probably needed a bit more guidance in the system this time around. Each semester you will require less assistance. Eventually you’ll be offering suggestions to younger friends and family who will join the Tech family in their own freshman year. Taking the time now to learn the process well guarantees that registration will be far easier for you in future semesters.


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