Texas Tech University

Section 1: Advising in the Context of the Texas Tech Plan

Texas Tech Advising Guidelines

The primary purposes of Texas Tech's academic advising program are to:

  • Guide, empower, and encourage students from the time of their new student orientation until graduation
  • Assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans, which are compatible with their life goals
  • Help students accept responsibility for their own education
  • Aid students' professional development by providing guidance in curricular and professional choices

An academic advisor's responsibilities include:

  • Helping the student to design a program of study, interpret catalogs and degree-requirement audits, and choose among academic alternatives.
  • Monitoring academic progress and recommending appropriate resources to answer questions or solve problems related to academic, career, and personal matters.
  • Assist with educational planning that leads to timely matriculation and graduation
  • Advocate for students in the university system
  • Serve as resource brokers for the university community
  • Help students thrive in a large university setting
  • Student growth and development
  • Accuracy and availability to students
  • Assessment, referral and confidentiality

Advising You, the Advisor

National Advising Guidelines


University Advising