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Section 2: Getting to Know the Student

Sample Questions for the First Meeting

The first meeting with a student should focus on getting to know the student and discussing your role as an advisor. Some students will talk freely and readily provide the information when asked to tell a little about themselves. If the student says very little, you can use some of the following questions to obtain information and build rapport with the student.

  • What high school did you graduate from?
  • Can you tell me how well you think your high school prepared you for the challenges of Texas Tech?
  • Where do you live at Texas Tech?
  • What is you local address, phone number, and TTU email address to put in my file?
  • Have you taken any courses within your major yet?  If so, how are they going?
  • What led you to choose this major?
  • Is there a specific aspect of your major that particularly interests you?
  • Are you involved in any kind of extra-curricular activities, such as campus groups or part-time jobs?
  • Have you received any scholarships? If so, what is required for you to keep those scholarships?
  • What are your goals after graduation from Texas Tech (employment, graduate school, etc.)?
  • What do you expect from me as your advisor?

You can use these questions as a guideline for initial sessions with students. You can also save the information from these questions in the student's folder.

The Importance of the Advisor/Advisee Relationship

Sample Questions for Subsequent Meetings

Personal Relationships with Advisees

Advising Special Populations of Students


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