Texas Tech University

Section 2: Getting to Know the Student

Sample Questions for Subsequent Meetings

Future meetings with advisees should attempt to make life at Texas Tech as productive and trouble-free as possible. You should be ready to work with the student to help solve any problems that the student encounters. These meetings are also a time to make certain that the academic choices that students make correspond with their career goals.

  • How are you enjoying life at Texas Tech?
  • Do you know where to get help if you encounter any problems?
  • How is each of your classes going?
  • In which academic areas do you still need to take courses before graduation?
  • In which student activities and professional organizations are you currently involved?
  • Do you know where you can find out more about campus activities?
  • When do you plan to graduate?

The Importance of the Advisor/Advisee Relationship

Sample Questions for the First Meeting

Personal Relationships with Advisees

Advising Special Populations of Students


University Advising