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Section 3: Guiding Students Through the Plan

Giving Good Advice

Giving good advice is what advising is all about! Academic advisors need to base their advice on students' career and life goals, interests, and ability to complete a proposed academic load. As the academic advisor, you should gain an understanding of each student's interests and goals as you get acquainted. The techniques for getting to know advisees covered in Section 2 of the handbook should help. It is also important to assess each student's academic performance and to tailor advice for the student in that vein. Listed below are some suggestions for assessing student progress and helping individuals understand the options they have as TTU students:

  • Use degree audit reports and make sure student understands the details
  • Highlight remaining distribution requirements
  • Ask students to make a list of courses they expect to take in the coming two to three semesters
  • Have students plan at least 2 semesters in advance
  • Keep a copy of list on file
  • Pay attention to courses which may be offered only in fall or only in spring semester, or only during alternate years
  • Update and change the list at each advising session
  • Encourage students to take a challenging, yet balanced, load
  • Avoid combining extremely challenging courses or too many labs in same term.
  • Compare current course load to past performance
  • Decide if the student's expectations and aspirations are reasonable relative to the proposed load
  • Balance the academic load with consideration being given to all activities that students may be involved with
  • Help the student weigh overloading options with the possibility of taking a course near home or work during the summer
  • Be aware of rules about transferring courses to TTU.
  • Students are very sensitive to comments from advisors about their academic ability
  • Be tactful when providing potentially negative information

Knowing the Rules

Relating to Students

Problem Solving with Students

Referring Students to Campus Resources


University Advising