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Section 3: Guiding Students Through the Plan

Relating to Students

Some of the most useful advice a student can receive from the advising relationship is that which you relate to the student about yourself. Being able to speak from a personal real-life experience is a powerful way to enlighten students to the many possible paths their lives and careers can take. Whenever possible, you may want to relate, in a professional manner, personal experiences with making academic and career decisions. Such experiences can serve as examples to show students how choices made at the undergraduate level can influence career development. This is not meant to imply that every student should be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of the advisor. However, it is often true that a student can benefit from a glimpse of what types of decisions brought you to be the successful professional you are today.

Giving Good Advice

Know the Rules

Problem Solving with Students

Referring Students to Campus Resources


University Advising