Texas Tech University

Section 4: Helping Students with Career Development

What is Career Development?

Career development encompasses or interfaces with all aspects of people's lives. For Texas Tech students, career development involves more than the completion of specified degree requirements leading to a particular academic degree. Career planning must incorporate students' values, goals, interests, skills, and other individual variables. Texas Tech students also need strong interpersonal communication skills to be professionally successful in the constantly changing world of work.

Comprehensive career development services are available at Texas Tech to prepare students for the work environment of the future. All components of the campus must work together to help students achieve their professional goals. University Career Services provides a wide range of services related to career development. Academic advisors who have regular contact with students can serve as their mentors and professional role models. In some cases, the academic advisors are the primary career planning resource, and in other cases, their role is to identify student needs and refer them to the appropriate resources.

While advisors need to be knowledgeable about the world of work, University Career Services is the main resource that student's should be referred to.

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