Texas Tech University


List of Referral Resources (by observation)

Academic Help

Speak With Someone About Program and Major Options

Get Help with Knowing Your Learning Style

  • IS 1100 class
  • SOAR, 80 Holden Hall, 742-3664
  • TECHniques Center, 242 West Hall, 742-1822
  • Strategies for Learning class (non-credit) XL cost- $150.00, 56 Holden Hall, 742-3928

Get Help with Test Taking Skills

Get Help With Writing, Reading, and Math Skills

Find Out About CLEP Tests, Correspondence Classes

Find Tutors for Specific Subjects

Arrange for A Peer Mentor

Find Out How to Register A Learning Disability

Institutional Help

Get Help Obtaining A Loan or Grant

Get Help Obtaining A Scholarship

Get Help Enrolling In A Work-Study Program

File A Tuition Exemption or Waiver

Get Help with Managing the Funding of College

Obtain Legal Help or Mediation Services

Obtain A Mediator or Someone To Explain University Policies

Sociability and Social Enrichment

Get Help Meeting New Friends

Get Information About Student Activities

Get Information About Fraternities and Sororities

Speak With A Counselor about Social Justice Issues

 Find Out About Groups That Share Your Opinions

Find Out About Clubs and Organizations In Areas Which Interest You

Find Out About the University Honors College

Career Counseling

Get Help Selecting A Career

Get Help Finding An Internship

Discuss Advantages, Disadvantages, and Qualifications for Careers

Discuss Job Market For College Graduates and Finding Your First Professional Job

Personal Wellbeing

Talk With Someone About Stress or Time Management Skills

Crisis Management or Outreach

Student Code of Conduct

Discuss Roommate Problems

Discuss Relationship Enhancement for Couples and Families

Discuss Family Problems

Arrange for A Peer Mentor As A First Year Student

Get Physical Help for Sickness, Anxiety, Filling Prescriptions, etc.

National Academic Advising Association

How to Read and Audit

Major, Advisor and Minor Declaration and Change Form


University Advising