Setting up an Appointment with an Advisor on Campus

Texas Tech is now using a software called TimeTrade to help students schedule a variety of appointments online.  The system is incredibly useful because the resources it offers are the best folks on our campus.  No matter what time of day you have the idea to schedule an appointment, this system will show you actual availability so you can schedule the appointment immediately.  Try it ...

This button invites students to click and schedule their appointments with TTU faculty and staff.

A Quick Introduction and Orientation to TimeTrade @ TTU

Before you jump in and schedule, it may be helpful to get a quick lay-of-the-land for this system.  This will help you move quickly through to connect with the right faculty member, advisor, or other support staff person based on what you're planning to discuss. Here are some key groupings that you'll want to understand before moving forward.

Campus Resource Groups and Appointment Types

Major-Level Academic Advising

Some colleges renamed this resource group to indicate that it is only for students in a particular college.  Most students will use this Campus Resource Group the most since it will direct them to appointments with advisors assigned to students in specific majors.  For example, if an Accounting major wanted to meet with her assigned advisor in the College of Business, this would be the appropriate Campus Resource Group to choose.  Academic Planning and Course Approval is likely the most common appointment type as it entails a 1-1 appointment with an academic advisor assigned to students in a particular major.  However, most colleges also have appointment types in this resource group to talk about minors, to get general help, and to file graduation plans.

College-Level Academic Advising

Some colleges have renamed this resource group to indicate that it is for students to use who are currently outside of the college.  However, most of the appointment types in this resource group are geared toward things like declaring a major, reviewing a degree plan with an auditor and preparing for graduation.  These appointments will not always be with assigned academic advisors but might also be will staff in the dean's office who help with college-level processes.

University-Wide Student Support and Advising Services

This Campus Resource Group is pretty uniform across all colleges.  Three main appointment types exist in this group:

  1. I need some coaching on time management:  This appointment type is linked directly to Stacy Elliot in the Learning Center.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is trained to help students maximize their academic success in areas like time management, study skills and note taking.
  2. I need to meet with an advisor about Texas Success Initiative (TSI):  This appointment type is linked to the advisors in the TSI office.  They ensure that students remain in compliance with the TSI requirements set forward by the state of Texas.
  3. I want to Explore other Majors: This appointment type is linked to the advisors in University Advising.  These advisors are trained to help students explore majors of possible interest at TTU.  They also help run the Discovery Major Map workshops, which serve as a great starting point for any student who want to explore majors.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Scheduling an Appointment

Simply Click Here to Get Started, or ...To use TimeTrade to schedule an appointment, you can also follow the instructions below:

  1. If you want to start the process by jumping a little more directly to the college and major you are seeking, you can use one of these links:
    1. Office of the Provost
    2. Graduate School
    3. Faculty/Instructor Office Hours
    4. College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
    5. College of Architecture
    6. College of Arts & Sciences
    7. Rawls College of Business Administration
    8. College of Education
    9. Whitacre College of Engineering
    10. Honors College
    11. College of Human Sciences
    12. College of Media & Communication
    13. College of Visual & Performing Arts
  2. Log in with your eRaider and password.
  3. Select the "College" (in most cases this will be the college you are currently in) where the advisor you are trying to make an appointment with is housed. Choose your current major or the major for which you wish to be advised as the major on the first screen. Click NEXT.
  4. Select the appropriate “Campus Resource Group;” and then choose the “Appointment Type." Select the “Duration” that is most appropriate.
  5. Below those options, you can either choose your current assigned advisor (If you know who they are) or choose "Any Academic Advisor" as the “Faculty / Staff Member” with whom you make the appointment. TimeTrade will automatically select the appropriate advisor for you if you don't know who your advisor is. Click NEXT.
  6. Pick one of the days colored white from the calendar.
  7. Looking at the times available, choose one that fits in your schedule. Make sure you are aware of the time zone listed for the appointment. (i.e. 9:00AM CST). Click SELECT.
  8. Your appointment details will show up. Check over them and make sure you click “Make Appointment” and then "Finish" on the next page or it will not be made.
  9. You will see an appointment confirmation page and be sent an email confirmation. The email has an attachment to connect the appointment to your calendar if you would like. Your advisor will also receive an email confirmation.

Information for Staff and Faculty

For other documentation and tutorials, visit the Advising Wiki.