It's important to have an idea of who you are, so self-exploration activities are important to the Discovery! process. Identifying and understanding your strengths, interests, and values helps you to eliminate and/or confirm major and career possibilities. Ask yourself questions like: Who am I? Where do I excel? What are my academic interests? Where do I spend my free time? How do those correlate? What do I value? Of my values, which are important personally vs. professionally? The activities below are some ways to help you find the answers to these questions.

Learning Styles

Every Student learns differently. Knowing how you learn can help you study more effectively.

DISCOVERY! Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you identify your goals, interests, skills and values.

Career Assessments

Texas Tech offers a variety of assessments that will help you discover what you are best at, what type of individual you are, what type of work might suit you best. All these assessments can help you better understand yourself. This link will take you to the home page, just click "Career Assessments"


A Pinterest board can help both you and your advisor figure out your interests.