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Become a DISCOVERY Ambassador

The TTU Discovery! Program is designed to help students find their best-fit major. This program exists to engage, equip, empower, and encourage students to explore college majors. By completing the Discovery! process, a student can confirm through research that their top choice major is their best-fit major because it best suits his/her strengths, interests, values, and goals.

Discovery! Ambassadors assist the Lead Academic Advisor with all duties and responsibilities that come with running and supporting this program. These ambassadors will be responsible for identifying, gathering, collecting, and dispersing general major and/or career exploration information to any current or prospective TTU students.

Discovery! Ambassadors develop skills that will serve them well during the career application process such as clear communication, professionalism, and the ability to work with others.

Job Description:

• Serve as a role model for incoming TTUD/PREN students and Ambassadors
• Develop leadership, communication, and public speaking skills
• Become a spokesperson for Texas Tech University and TTUA's Discovery!
• Enhance résumé and professionalism

Ambassador Requirements and Responsibilities
• Full-time student (enrolled at Texas Tech University in at least 12 hours for both the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters)
• Must remain in Good Academic Standing
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
• Exhibit strong interpersonal communication skills and high level of comfort with public speaking
• Ability to be a positive and productive team member, combining both structure and flexibility
• Enthusiasm and eagerness to promote the TTUA Discovery! process and represent TTUA Discovery! students at Texas Tech University
• Agree to commit an average of 3 hours per week to the TTU Discovery! process outreach and promotion efforts, in addition to consistently attending ALL monthly Discovery! Team meetings and monthly Discovery! Roundtables
• Having been through Discovery! would be preferred but is not required

Other activities might include:
• Communicate monthly with undecided students using the Texas Tech University Advising blog and social media
• Create and update Discovery! marketing materials
• Assist in preparation for Discovery! roundtable events
• Speak to classes and student organizations about Discovery!
• Support TTUA students at Red Raider Orientation, University Day, and special TTU events
• Recruit students to attend Discovery! roundtables
• Special duties as assigned

To apply, please email the following to discovery@ttu.edu:
• Resume
• Cover Letter
• Statement regarding your experience (if any) with the Discovery! Program.


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