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Next Steps

Action Plan Steps

  1. Complete the Holland Code on page 8 of the Major Map Workbook.
  2. Explore 2-3 possible majors that came up on FOCUS combined printout by using methods mentioned below:
  3. Find a professional working in the field of interest and ask them if you may interview them about the career. Shadowing them in their workplace (with permission) is usually very beneficial and enlightening. (Sample interview questions)
  4. Talk with students already in the major, preferably upperclassmen that are well into the degree. Ask them questions about what the major is like and what you can expect down the road.
  5. Join a student interest group involved in your major of interest and attend a meeting. Oftentimes students that are involved in the major and related extracurricular activities have good answers to questions about what the major is really like.
  6. Visit the Career Center...
    • to discuss the types of jobs that you could get with your majors of interest
    • to take the Strong Interest Inventory and have a Career Center counselor interpret the results for you

Before you meet with your Advisor:

  1. Create a list of possible classes for the next semester and submit them to your advisor via the ARC interface at http://my.advising.ttu.edu.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your advisor.


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