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Top 10 Survival Strategies

You have managed to make it this far. Here are some helpful tips to survive your first year!

  1. Find a study group – not just friends to study with. Your friends are nice, but maybe consider people enrolled in the course
  2. Visit with your academic advisor – not just in March and October. Advising: It's more than just scheduling :)
  3. Your professors are humans too – get to know them. I've heard most of them don't have rabies.
  4. Keep a planner – don't let assignments slip away!
  5. The due date is not the starting date. Contrary to popular rumor: chugging sixteen red bulls in a row does not extend the deadline. *shrug* who knew?
  6. Use your textbook. Textbooks: more than just weight in your backpack. Yeah, it has important information.
  7. Buy a LOUD alarm clock, or train a wild cougar to wake you on a planned schedule. The alarm clock seems less painful, but it's your call.
  8. Get Involved – there is life outside your dorm room.
  9. Enroll in IS 1100 and meet other students just like you. Some might even be different.
  10. GO TO CLASS! – Try to stay awake. If not, maybe you'll learn by osmosis — but I wouldn't bank on it.

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