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TTU PreEngineering Program

What is the PreEngineering Program?

Pre-Engineering (PREN) is a program that helps prepare students to be successful in the Whitacre College of Engineering by providing highly personal, success-oriented, and career-focused advising through the University Advising office at Texas Tech University.

Over the first few semesters, a PREN student will follow a normal engineering course of study and participate in all activities organized and promoted by Whitacre College of Engineering. PREN students will interact closely with their assigned academic advisors who facilitate a values-based decision making process and connect students with campus resources.

Students committed to working closely with their advisors will find academic success through extensive research on their chosen field and engagement in campus resources. The PREN program also provides valuable networking possibilities with other students, faculty, and industry representatives.

The process described above regularly leads students to the selection of best-fit minors, undergraduate research areas, and potential graduate programs. It also helps students to determine if Engineering is clearly their best-fit major and identify other majors that could potentially better suit their interests and talents.

PREN students who are engaged in the process and dedicated to Academic Success find themselves better equipped to handle the rigors of collegiate coursework in the Whitacre College of Engineering and competitive colleges across Texas Tech University.