Texas Tech University

TTU PreEngineering

What is PreEngineering?

PreEngineering (PREN) is a designation for Undeclared students wishing to enter STEM fields. Through highly personal, success-oriented, and career-focused one-on-one advising, students make successful plans and take the needed steps to meet their personal and career goals.

Over the first one or two semesters, PREN students will follow a STEM course of study that promotes success. These courses of study are designed by the collaboration of students and our advisors, which allows students to have a unique plan to accommodate their specific needs. Students committed to working closely with their advisors will find academic success through extensive research on their chosen field and engagement in campus resources.

PREN students who are engaged in the process and dedicated to Academic Success find themselves better equipped to handle the rigors of collegiate coursework in the competitive colleges across Texas Tech University.

Why PREN and not Engineering?

The College of Engineering admits students directly to their majors based on TTU admission status. Students who are Assured Admits will be admitted to engineering. All other students who applied to engineering will be admitted as PreEngineering (PREN).

PREN students who earn at least a 3.0 GPA on a minimum of 12 hours of coursework within the Foundational curriculum are eligible to transfer to the College of Engineering as a Foundational student.

At RRO, you will work with University Advising to create an academic plan and schedule that facilitates transfer to the Whitacre College of Engineering. Math, science, and introductory engineering will play a heavy role in course schedules. State of Texas core requirements can be taken in just about any semester, so they will also be included in schedules and degree plans.

Math and Chemistry Placement Exams

Don't confuse Placement Exams with TSI or other exams.  The Math Placement Exam and the Chemistry Placement Exam are department-specific placement assessments created at Texas Tech for use at Texas Tech.  These placement exams will help determine the appropriate starting point for math and chemistry courses for STEM majors.