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Learning Communities

Learning communities provide a unique living environment for students with similar interests. If you join a learning community you will have the opportunity to live on the same floor with other students who want to become engineers and are heading in the same direction as you.

There are 4 Learning Communities that relate to PreEngineering. Click on one to find out more information:

Freshman Interest Groups

Some of the Learning Communities mentioned above also have Freshman Interest Groups. Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) are special academic programs for first-time freshman students in which small groups of no more than 20 students live together within a learning community (LC) or designated residence hall floors and are enrolled together in at least two academic courses. Both the Engineering Success and DISCOVERY! Learning Communities have FIGs that freshmen can enroll in as well.

Engineering Student Organizations

If you want a great way to be with other students in your field and build your resume at the same time, this is the way to do it. The student organizations website has links to all the College of Engineering student organizations, honorary societies and college / departmental societies. You could become an Engineering Ambassador to help recruit new students or join the robotics team and enter competitions against other universities.