Texas Tech University

Benjamin Arnold Rohrbaugh

TTU Prelaw Ambassador

     Ben Rohrbaugh is a current Senior at Texas Tech. He is working on his B.A. in psychology with a minor in legal studies and a B.G.S. with concentrations in biology, chemistry, health professions. Ben is the 2017 PreLaw Program Assistant, the librarian for the Veterans at Texas Tech (VATT), and works as a Student Assistant with TTUA.

     Ben started his career into the legal world when he entered the Air Force as a Paralegal Journeyman in the JAG Corps. While serving in the JAG Corps, he spent time working in General Law and Military Justice. In general law Ben focused on discharges, FTCA Claims, legal research, and the Dover AFB, VITA Tax Program coordinator. In Military Justice, he was the Article 15 clerk and helped with Courts Martial proceedings. After completing his enlistment in 2013, Ben enrolled at Tarrant County College and graduated in 2015 with his A.A.S. – Paralegal Studies.

     After completing his undergrad, Ben plans to attend Texas Tech School of Law and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center while pursuing a dual JD/MD Program. He would like to use his two degrees to be a criminal defense attorney and a psychiatrist with a specialization in children who have been effected by criminal backgrounds. 


Benjamin Rohrbaugh