Texas Tech University

Cassandra Guajardo

TTU Prelaw Ambassador

Cassandra Guajardo is currently a junior majoring in English and minoring in Legal Studies at Texas Tech University. She is from El Paso, Texas, and her family consists of her mom, her dad, and her older sister, Ashley. Cassandra began her first year of college at El Paso Community College as a Biology major in the pursuit of veterinary school. Not long after beginning her initial classes did she come to the realization that studying science and striving for veterinary school was not awarding her any self-fulfillment. Although she tried to ignore the persistent feeling of wanting to explore her passion for literature and pursue law school, Cassandra ultimately decided to move to Lubbock, Texas, and transfer to Texas Tech in order to be able to study English while paving the road to law school.

Although it was hard for her to leave home, the excellent PreLaw program and the decision to join Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity to compete in a mock trial competition for the first time immediately reassured her that transferring Texas Tech was the right choice. Through the program and fraternity, Cassandra had the opportunity to build friendships with students who have the same aspirations as herself. It was one of these friendships that led her to become even more familiar with the Texas Tech PreLaw Program and apply for a position as PreLaw Ambassador.

Now that she is a PreLaw Ambassador, Cassandra feels she is in even more of a position to build wonderful friendships and network to create connections with people. It is also extremely satisfying to her to know that she is now able to assist students that are currently in the position that she was once in. Although Cassandra might already be a junior, the journey to law school is still a very long road ahead of her. Once she graduates, Cassandra hopes to attend The University of Texas at Austin School of Law and eventually practice Corporate Law in the state of Texas. 


Cassandra Guajardo